14 Apr 2015

OUTFIT: Everything you say is a sweet revelation

 Dress - Missguided (old)
Boots - New Look (kind of similar here)

Jumping from bodycon one week to a trapeze style the next... hm! I bought this dress to wear on Christmas day a few years ago now and it was ideal for hiding my festive food baby however since then it's not made that many appearances. It looks quite nice belted but I thought that I'd wear it loose for a change and despite it being oh so comfortable I'm not too sure how flattering it is for me as it skims right over my hips without nipping in at the waist like I'm used to. It's a good one to just chuck on as I love the bold pattern, just need to get used to wearing it and not feel like I'm wearing a tent! If I remember correctly it was a bit of a bargain and was only about £10, which isn't bad considering it's decent quality. My boots were a real investment purchase (at the time) as they were £35 in the New Look sale, reduced from £75, and as they are real leather and from the Limited Edition range I think that they were totally worth it. They're a little bit too high for me to wear all day but they really smarten up an outfit and I think they're quite classically British... if that makes sense. Got to love a Chelsea boot!

I feel like things may start to quieten down a little bit on here over the next few weeks whilst I bang out my coursework. I do have posts planned but finding the time to write them is proving a little difficult so you might need to bear with me until I get this out of the way! I've already mentioned that the next few months are going to be quite busy but sometimes a little pressure is good for me to actually get stuff done. I'm a massive procrastinator, but add in time constraints and upcoming deadlines and I can knock an essay out in a day or two. Sadly my current coursework involves a little bit more than just an essay... eek.

Last week was a nice little break from university and despite intending to do a bit of coursework I ended up spending most of the time catching up with friends which was very much needed. I filmed a video with my best friend Geraldine which you can watch here - it was so fun to film together and it's something we'll definitely be doing again in the future! I also filmed my first vlog which I think I'll put up next weekend, it's not the most riveting piece of video but I'm happy with it for a first attempt.

How was your Easter, did you get up to anything fun?


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