TRAVEL: My Travel Bucketlist

Like so many people I have a ridiculously long list of countries I’d like to see in my lifetime. I think the world of Instagram & Pinterest makes it near impossible to remain untouched by that feeling of wanderlust. My list is pretty varied, with sunny beaches, icy climes and leafy mountains galore, so when I spotted a competition from Transun to win a trip to see the Northern Lights by sharing your top three dream travel destinations I knew it would be a struggle to narrow it down to just three. It’s been a long time since I’ve entered one of these competitions and it’s not normally something I’d take much notice of but seeing the Northern Lights would be a massive tick on my bucketlist and dreaming about future travels is a very welcome distraction from the coursework that is currently engulfing my life…

(left, right)

ICELAND  the land of ice and fire – has been on my bucketlist for a while but as of late it has maintained a firm place at the top. It seems like everyone and their granny has been heading over to Iceland recently which has instilled a firm sense of wonder at the beauty of the country. With beautiful blue lagoons, stunningly powerful geysers and even molten hot lava I think there is no end to the natural wonders in Iceland and it’s a place I definitely want to visit one day. From what I’ve heard it can be quite expensive in comparison to some other places but I think it’d be worth it.

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THAILAND is a bit of a clichéd addition to a travel bucketlist but I couldn’t resist the lure of it’s tropical beaches and leafy forests. I think wandering through trees on the back of an elephant would be a fantastic way to spend the day, then sipping cocktails from coconuts on the beach as the sun sets sounds like heaven. There are so many places similar to Thailand where I could do this but Thailand seems to hold the greatest appeal for me right now.

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SOUTH KOREA is a more recent addition to my list and it’s all thanks to Alli Speed. I didn’t really know much about South Korea until she visited and I’m kind of kicking myself for that. I find North Korea pretty interesting to learn about, but it would be incredible to visit South Korea. The Lantern Festival looks absolutely beautiful and there are so many stunning temples it sounds like an amazing place to experience.

Where do you have on your travel bucketlist? Have you visited any of my top three?