FOOD: March Degustabox

I feel like every time a new month rolls around I’m saying that it’s the best Degustabox* yet, but I really really really mean it this time! Although the contents were predominantly snacking type foods I like every single product in the box – usually there’s one I struggle to use or end up giving to my mum. I’m such a fussy eater sometimes so I’d say this is a pretty big achievement!

The first thing out of the box is this bag of Strawberry & Blueberry granola from Jordans and at first I was a little dubious because I’m really not a big fan of strawberries, but the ones in this bag are freeze-dried which makes a big difference. This makes the perfect breakfast or even a little mid-day snack and works great with both milk & yoghurt!

Pretty much every box has a really great juice of some sort and this month was no different. Two of this month’s drinks were from Juiceburst and I got the Mango & Lime and Cranberry flavours. I really loved the Mango & Lime but the Cranberry was a little bit sugary in comparison to what I’d usually drink.

One of the other drinks in the box was this bottle of Green Tea with Jujube (not the drag queen) and Ginseng from Tg Tea which was really good! The ginseng and jujube disguised the taste of the green tea but not to an extent where it’s overpowering.

I was quite glad to see this Natvia sweetener included in the box because I’m always conscious of how much sugar I put in my tea – it’s a lot. I haven’t opened this yet because I’m not quite finished the sugar I have at the moment but I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

When I got the Pasquier brioche loaf & chocolate chip buns in a previous box I was absolutely delighted, so I was pretty excited to try out the Baked Bread Bites! These are kind of like croutons but I just eat them like crisps instead of saving them for salads or soup but I imagine they’d make a really nice addition to a salad as they were really tasty.

I’ve been meaning to make pulled pork in my slow cooker for absolutely ages now so this bottle of BBQUE Barbecue Sauce is the perfect excuse to give it a go! I think the packaging alone is awesome and I will be posting a recipe as soon as I get round to make the pulled pork too.

I’ve always been quite against Sour Patch Kids because they replaced my beloved Sour Wine Gums and I will never forgive them for that, but after trying them out they’re practically the exact same and I’m now obsessed. Awful for my teeth but great for my sour sweet cravings! I’d never seen the berry mix Jelly Babies before but I’m so glad they exist because it’s basically just a packet of my favourite flavours. Jelly Babies always take me back to nursery because they were our Friday treat… Good times.

Next up we have the Posh Noodles from Kents Kitchen. I hadn’t had my lunch when I opened this box so I was very happy to see something suitable to eat that wouldn’t take a lot of effort! These were really good noodles and not overly spicy. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these to take to work.

Chocolate eggs… do I need to say any more?

Finally there were two more bottles of Crabbie’s Fruits which I’ve really enjoyed in the past. I love raspberry but I’m not a massive fan of rhubarb so I’m intrigued to give that a go, I think the black cherry will be really yummy though. I’ve bought bottles of these since first trying them so it was great to see some new flavours included in the box!

Do you subscribe to Degustabox? What did you think of this box?