OUTFIT: She’s seen all the classics

Before I get started I have some heartbreaking news to share with you all… my laptop died. Fellow bloggers will understand my current devastation and anyone else who has a Sims addiction will surely be feeling my loss right now. I’m not entirely sure what happened but the cooling fan died a miserable death last Friday (just after I’d finished my coursework – phew!) and I’ve ordered a replacement fan for my brother to install however there is no guarantee that it will actually work. Fingers crossed, because if it doesn’t it looks like I will be computer-less for a good few months and I have absolutely no idea how I’ll be able to keep up blogging at my current rate. I’m “borrowing” my mum’s laptop for this post however I can’t really drag it up the road to Aberdeen with me so sadly it might get a little bit quiet on here. If only the Blogger app was better, as I can easily access all of my social media & emails from my iPad but I just can’t write a decent blog post! Are there any other apps out there that may solve my problem?

Moving on to the outfits now, and once again I am treating you to a triple whammy thanks to the #letsgetskirty campaign with George! I was so grateful to be asked to take part and really excited to pick a few pieces to spice up my wardrobe with. I tried to choose a couple of things that I wouldn’t typically pick up and I am so glad I did as I’ve found some new staple outfits that I’m sure you will see again and again.

Top – eBay
Skirt* – George
Shoes – Kurt Geiger
Bracelet – Sue’s Little Gems

This outfit is so laid back that it’s ideal for a somewhat lazy day wandering around the shops or running errands. My beloved Kurt Geiger skate shoes have made another appearance however I was also reminded of just how much they rub if worn without tights, ugh. They’re so pretty though and I love the nude mock croc fabric – they’d maybe look a bit better if I had a bit of a tan so they didn’t blend in to my legs…

Top – Matalan
Skirt* – George
Shoes* – George

This is definitely my favourite outfit of the three and I put it together on a total whim. It works so well with both flats and heels and is a bit of an all-rounder really. I love how the pleats on the skirt add a bit of movement and make it all flowy (technical term). Whenever I wear this I just want to swish my skirt around all day because I am a mature adult. As a bit of a shorty I never thought I’d see the day where I could wear a midi skirt and feel semi-confident in it however between this pleated skirt and the patterned skirt from the first outfit I think it may have finally come…

Top* – George
Skirt* – George
Shoes* – George
Necklace – New Look
Now this is my ideal kind of outfit – easy to throw on but looks reasonably put together! I’m slowly moving out of my mostly monochrome phase and right now I’m loving pairing black and white patterns with a pop of colour. I love how well this cami top works with the print of the skirt and I just cannot believe they were only £6 each! I picked up the cami top in a gorgeous turquoise colour after work last week and I hope the skirt comes in some more patterns at some point, they’ll definitely be making their way in to my wardrobe. These shoes have barely left my feet since they arrived at my door and have been a great replacement for the Vans that I wore to death (they literally fell apart) as they work perfectly with so many outfits and are super comfy for walking around all day in.
What do you think of these outfits? Do you have a favourite? Cross your fingers for my laptop – hopefully my brother can revive it!