TECHNOLOGY: Kindle Paperwhite Review

kindle paperwhite e-reader review uk

kindle paperwhite e-reader review uk

kindle paperwhite e-reader review uk

kindle paperwhite e-reader review uk

In this month’s reading round up I mentioned that I’d actually got a new Kindle back at the start of March, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it so far! The Kindle Paperwhite was actually a replacement for my old Kindle as the screen sadly broke. I previously had the Kindle with the 5 way controller and had done for about 3 years, it had broken once before but as it was in warranty it was replaced straight away. Luckily my Kindle was still in warranty this time however Amazon no longer produce the same model so I was very kindly (I nearly typed Kindle there) given the new Paperwhite. I was a bit dubious at first because I’d never tried the Paperwhite and was very attached to my old Kindle, but luckily it’s won me over.

My initial concerns regarding the Paperwhite were about the screen, as I loved that my previous Kindle didn’t have a harsh backlight and there were no issues with glare from the sun. Luckily the screen on this is the same kind of style and even with the “light” function switched on the screen still feels the same – this has actually become my favourite feature as it means I can still read on my bus even when the overhead lights aren’t working! The light setting can be altered depending on your surroundings and it’s really easy to do, with a short cut button on the top menu of the screen.

When the Paperwhite first arrived I was a bit disappointed to discover it was touchscreen as the layout of the buttons on my old Kindle was ideal for me, it meant that I could hold my book in either hand and still flip through the pages easily! However with the way the screen is set out this is still possible and I find it runs a lot quicker than my previous Kindle. I’m still getting used to the touch screen but it’s definitely not as much of a hindrance as I originally imagined it would be.

The Paperwhite has all of the original features from the earlier Kindles including the ability to change the text size and a lightweight build. If anything this really adds a lot of extra features as when you first open a book it will tell you on average how long people take to read the book, the ratings, a bit about the author and a few other key details – although you can turn this off if you’re not interested. I also love that it tells me how long it should take me to finish the book at the bottom of the screen, it let’s me know if it’s worthwhile staying up that little bit longer to finish it! I find that the battery life is a lot better on the Paperwhite in comparison to my previous Kindle, even with the light and Wi-Fi on it seems to last for weeks at a time which is perfect for going on holiday.

Despite my doubts at first I actually really love the Paperwhite, I think it’s a lot more suited to me in some ways as I travel a lot in the evenings & at night so I can still read in the dark without straining my poor eyes. Whilst it took a little bit of getting used to at first I’m really glad that I now have it, if anything I read even faster with it! If you’re in the market for an e-reader or looking to upgrade your current one I’d say the Paperwhite is a good contender.

The Paperwhite starts at £109 and can be found on Amazon here.

How do you feel about e-readers – do you have a favourite or do you just dislike them entirely?