READING: How To Be A Knowledge Ninja

That dreaded time of year has rolled around once again and students across the length of the country are preparing for exams. So far in my degree I’ve been quite lucky to have only had 2 exams spread across 3 semesters however this year I have 2 exams in the space of a week and what with me leaving afterwards they’re actually kind of important… Damn! It’s still not much in comparison to other people but it is a bit of an adjustment for me.

Today I thought I’d share a book that has come in really handy for me recently and that is “How To Be A Knowledge Ninja” by Graham Allcott. I won this book in a giveaway hosted by the lovely Lynsey of The Student Switchboard and delved straight in as soon as it arrived.

How To Be A Knowledge Ninja is all about being more effective in your learning and developing focus techniques in order to maximise your educational achievements. It’s primarily focused at students however there is a lot to be taken from this book in regards to personal learning and productivity such as procrastination tips, prioritising your time, how to write a better to do list and figuring out your most effective learning methods.

The book itself follows “The Ninja Path” that has ten stages, each relating to a chapter within the book. The individual chapters discuss ideas and techniques before developing these with practical exercises intended to encourage a higher level of involvement with the theories. At the end of each chapter there is a really helpful summary that recaps on the key learning points as well as some “Ninja Cheats” to help you overcome any obstacles.

On the whole I found this book seriously interesting and it’s really helped me understand why I do certain things (i.e. put my work off to the last minute). I’ve found incredibly helpful tips from reading this and I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting my study face on to try and implement them in to my routine!

I would seriously recommend this to all the students out there, as well as anyone who needs to regularly sit exams or those who just love learning! It’s a fantastic read and I really want to pick up “How To Be A Productivity Ninja” next.

Do you have any useful study tips?