First mistake of the Burgerthon… Forgetting to take my camera. Oops! Apologies for the phone pictures, I’ll remember to actually take my camera in the future.

Last Tuesday Paddy & I headed in to town for a meal at Burger Meats Bun to kick off The Great Glasgow Burgerthon. If you don’t know what The Great Glasgow Burgerthon is, then I suggest reading this post before you get started!

Burger Meats Bun is situated on West Regent Street and is somewhere we’ve been intending on visiting for a while, but we just hadn’t quite got round to it yet. As it was somewhere neither of us had tried we thought it would be a good starting point – a blank canvas of sorts. Before visiting we were both a little bit sceptical about the seemingly small menu that offered beef, chicken or mushroom burgers, but we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and figured that the small selection must be pretty well made.

We arrived just after 5pm so it was reasonably quiet and we were quickly seated. The service was really quick and our waitress was lovely too. The decor was pretty simple but really cute, I liked the wee grass detailing along the windowsill with an adorable little farm set up – a quirky touch! Both of us were driving so it was soft drinks only on this occasion, Paddy choosing a 7up and I decided on a chocolate milkshake (as per usual). The milkshake was really nice but a bit pricey compared to other places.

As soon as we saw the menu we knew straight away that we wanted to try the Haggis Popcorn and MacNuggets (fried macaroni cheese – mmmmm) as a starter of sorts and they both arrived very quickly. I absolutely devoured the Haggis Popcorn, I’m drooling just thinking about it, but wasn’t quite so keen on the MacNuggets as I like my macaroni to have ALL the cheese. Paddy really enjoyed both and we happily devoured the two. I believe these were around £4 each which is pretty reasonable for the portion size. They are intended as sides but we were just greedy 😉

I had originally set out intending to have a good ol’ cheeseburger, however after spotting the specials menu I was soon swayed by the Jamon En Llama. This was a monthly special (which has now changed – sorry!) with a chorizo & pork burger, manchego cheese, Serrano ham, baby spinach & alioli. It was good, but the chorizo patty was a little bit too much for me at times! It was also seriously messy, but something a little bit different and I did enjoy it. The patty itself did feel a little bit dry at times, much like Paddy’s bacon cheeseburger. He said it was good, but not as outstanding as we would have hoped. I had a bite and thought the burger was a little bit on the chewy side but nice and flavourful. The chips on the other hand were incredible – I would go back just for them! Although we did have a starter our eyes were still a bit too big for our bellies and we opted for a portion of chips each when in reality one between two would have been more than enough… we never learn. All together our meal came to £38 which isn’t all too shabby, it was a little more than I had expected but not eye-wateringly expensive either.

On the whole it was an enjoyable experience and I’d definitely recommend giving them a go (especially for the chips and Haggis Popcorn) however it didn’t blow us away which is what we’re really looking for from the Burgerthon. They seem to do some really great specials which change on a daily and monthly basis which I think kind of makes up for the lack of variety on the permanent menu. I feel like I’ve been a bit harsh but as we’re going to be trying so many burgers I think I need to keep my critical thinking hat on.

She thought: Quality of burger 3, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 3.5
He thought: Quality of burger 3.5, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 3.5

Overall rating for Burger Meats Bun: 27.5/40 If you want to visit Burger Meats Bun you can find them in Glasgow at 48A West Regent Street and at 1 Forth Street in Edinburgh.

Have you ever been to Burger Meats Bun? What did you think – do you agree with our thoughts?

Next stop on The Great Glasgow Burgerthon is Jacker De Viande.