28 Apr 2015

OUTFIT: She's seen all the classics

Before I get started I have some heartbreaking news to share with you all... my laptop died. Fellow bloggers will understand my current devastation and anyone else who has a Sims addiction will surely be feeling my loss right now. I'm not entirely sure what happened but the cooling fan died a miserable death last Friday (just after I'd finished my coursework - phew!) and I've ordered a replacement fan for my brother to install however there is no guarantee that it will actually work. Fingers crossed, because if it doesn't it looks like I will be computer-less for a good few months and I have absolutely no idea how I'll be able to keep up blogging at my current rate. I'm "borrowing" my mum's laptop for this post however I can't really drag it up the road to Aberdeen with me so sadly it might get a little bit quiet on here. If only the Blogger app was better, as I can easily access all of my social media & emails from my iPad but I just can't write a decent blog post! Are there any other apps out there that may solve my problem?

Moving on to the outfits now, and once again I am treating you to a triple whammy thanks to the #letsgetskirty campaign with George! I was so grateful to be asked to take part and really excited to pick a few pieces to spice up my wardrobe with. I tried to choose a couple of things that I wouldn't typically pick up and I am so glad I did as I've found some new staple outfits that I'm sure you will see again and again.

Top - eBay
Skirt* - George
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bracelet - Sue's Little Gems

This outfit is so laid back that it's ideal for a somewhat lazy day wandering around the shops or running errands. My beloved Kurt Geiger skate shoes have made another appearance however I was also reminded of just how much they rub if worn without tights, ugh. They're so pretty though and I love the nude mock croc fabric - they'd maybe look a bit better if I had a bit of a tan so they didn't blend in to my legs...

Top - Matalan
Skirt* - George
Shoes* - George

This is definitely my favourite outfit of the three and I put it together on a total whim. It works so well with both flats and heels and is a bit of an all-rounder really. I love how the pleats on the skirt add a bit of movement and make it all flowy (technical term). Whenever I wear this I just want to swish my skirt around all day because I am a mature adult. As a bit of a shorty I never thought I'd see the day where I could wear a midi skirt and feel semi-confident in it however between this pleated skirt and the patterned skirt from the first outfit I think it may have finally come...

Top* - George
Skirt* - George
Shoes* - George
Necklace - New Look

Now this is my ideal kind of outfit - easy to throw on but looks reasonably put together! I'm slowly moving out of my mostly monochrome phase and right now I'm loving pairing black and white patterns with a pop of colour. I love how well this cami top works with the print of the skirt and I just cannot believe they were only £6 each! I picked up the cami top in a gorgeous turquoise colour after work last week and I hope the skirt comes in some more patterns at some point, they'll definitely be making their way in to my wardrobe. These shoes have barely left my feet since they arrived at my door and have been a great replacement for the Vans that I wore to death (they literally fell apart) as they work perfectly with so many outfits and are super comfy for walking around all day in.

What do you think of these outfits? Do you have a favourite? Cross your fingers for my laptop - hopefully my brother can revive it!


27 Apr 2015

READING: How To Be A Knowledge Ninja

That dreaded time of year has rolled around once again and students across the length of the country are preparing for exams. So far in my degree I've been quite lucky to have only had 2 exams spread across 3 semesters however this year I have 2 exams in the space of a week and what with me leaving afterwards they're actually kind of important... Damn! It's still not much in comparison to other people but it is a bit of an adjustment for me.

Today I thought I'd share a book that has come in really handy for me recently and that is "How To Be A Knowledge Ninja" by Graham Allcott. I won this book in a giveaway hosted by the lovely Lynsey of The Student Switchboard and delved straight in as soon as it arrived.

How To Be A Knowledge Ninja is all about being more effective in your learning and developing focus techniques in order to maximise your educational achievements. It's primarily focused at students however there is a lot to be taken from this book in regards to personal learning and productivity such as procrastination tips, prioritising your time, how to write a better to do list and figuring out your most effective learning methods.

The book itself follows "The Ninja Path" that has ten stages, each relating to a chapter within the book. The individual chapters discuss ideas and techniques before developing these with practical exercises intended to encourage a higher level of involvement with the theories. At the end of each chapter there is a really helpful summary that recaps on the key learning points as well as some "Ninja Cheats" to help you overcome any obstacles.

On the whole I found this book seriously interesting and it's really helped me understand why I do certain things (i.e. put my work off to the last minute). I've found incredibly helpful tips from reading this and I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting my study face on to try and implement them in to my routine!

I would seriously recommend this to all the students out there, as well as anyone who needs to regularly sit exams or those who just love learning! It's a fantastic read and I really want to pick up "How To Be A Productivity Ninja" next.

Do you have any useful study tips?


24 Apr 2015

OUTFIT: Life happens when you're making plans

Top - River Island
Trousers* - Blue Vanilla
Sandals - Primark

Trousers - particularly patterned ones - could be consider a little bit "out there" for me but with so many appearing on the high street I'm getting closer and closer to fully climbing on the printer trouser band wagon. When this gorgeous pair of printed joggers from Blue Vanilla arrived via etailPR I was taken aback by just how bold the print is but I think they're pretty cool. I can't get over how soft they are and I think they'll be ideal for the summer, especially if I'm travelling about a lot as they really feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. Plus they have pockets. Isn't everything made better by pockets? 

I'm in a pretty good mood right now because my final piece of coursework is finally finished. On Wednesday I set up camp in my university library until 3am and just blasted it all out. I spent the majority of Thursday wanting to be curled up in my bed but it was totally worth it for the amount of relief I'm feeling right now! The hand in is on Monday and then I have a presentation on Thursday - I'll be looking to The Student Switchboard for advice for that! Afterwards I have a couple of exams in May then I'll be finished. They're still a couple of weeks away yet so for now I can spend my evenings watching Fortitude and playing The Sims without feeling guilty!

It's a little bit surreal thinking that I only have a couple more days of classes at my current university, I haven't quite wrapped my head around the fact that I'm not coming back after the summer. I have my official moving home date sorted now and I just can't wait to get settled back in Glasgow. I still have no clue what I'll be doing next year (please hurry up with the replies to my UCAS application!!!) but despite the uncertainty I already feel like I'm in a much better place than this time last year and I'm even more positive that it's the right decision for me.

What have you been up to this week? Any late nights for you?


23 Apr 2015

ETSY FINDS: Claire Barclay Draws

A while back I spotted Claire Barclay's "Glasgow Girl" design on Instagram, I think as a necklace, and I've been in love with her work ever since. There's something so beautiful about the way she draws and I couldn't help but adore her use of Scottish slang in her pieces.

Just a week or so ago I noticed that Claire was running a limited time offer for a goody bag packed full of pieces worth at least £35 for a mere £15 and I knew it was time to finally treat myself. I'd quite fancied buying this print for my flat a while back but then obviously I decided I was going to move out and it slipped my mind. I knew that the lucky dip bag would be perfect for me as she has so many beautiful products in her shop!

My selection of products included the Glasgow Girl tote and greeting card, Luxury Lambrini print, "Geeze a Winch" necklace (which you can see in this outfit post), "Shake Ya Bahookie" brooch and a pair of "Pure Braw" earrings which I think would make adorable collar clips. My collection is starting off nicely!

I have a fair few pieces on my wishlist now that I'm planning on purchasing in the future including the Cat Lady necklace, Glasgow Girl necklace and this "Just Naw" necklace too. I'm considering treating myself to a wee personalised name banner necklace as I just love personalised jewellery... hurry up pay day! I'm obsessed.

If you haven't already be sure to check out Claire's wonderful Etsy shop, give her a like on her Facebook page and get following on both Twitter and Instagram - you won't regret it.

Do you have any favourite Etsy stores?


22 Apr 2015

TRAVEL: My Travel Bucketlist

Like so many people I have a ridiculously long list of countries I'd like to see in my lifetime. I think the world of Instagram & Pinterest makes it near impossible to remain untouched by that feeling of wanderlust. My list is pretty varied, with sunny beaches, icy climes and leafy mountains galore, so when I spotted a competition from Transun to win a trip to see the Northern Lights by sharing your top three dream travel destinations I knew it would be a struggle to narrow it down to just three. It's been a long time since I've entered one of these competitions and it's not normally something I'd take much notice of but seeing the Northern Lights would be a massive tick on my bucketlist and dreaming about future travels is a very welcome distraction from the coursework that is currently engulfing my life...

(left, right)

ICELAND - the land of ice and fire - has been on my bucketlist for a while but as of late it has maintained a firm place at the top. It seems like everyone and their granny has been heading over to Iceland recently which has instilled a firm sense of wonder at the beauty of the country. With beautiful blue lagoons, stunningly powerful geysers and even molten hot lava I think there is no end to the natural wonders in Iceland and it's a place I definitely want to visit one day. From what I've heard it can be quite expensive in comparison to some other places but I think it'd be worth it.

(left, right)

THAILAND is a bit of a clichéd addition to a travel bucketlist but I couldn't resist the lure of it's tropical beaches and leafy forests. I think wandering through trees on the back of an elephant would be a fantastic way to spend the day, then sipping cocktails from coconuts on the beach as the sun sets sounds like heaven. There are so many places similar to Thailand where I could do this but Thailand seems to hold the greatest appeal for me right now.

(left, right)

SOUTH KOREA is a more recent addition to my list and it's all thanks to Alli Speed. I didn't really know much about South Korea until she visited and I'm kind of kicking myself for that. I find North Korea pretty interesting to learn about, but it would be incredible to visit South Korea. The Lantern Festival looks absolutely beautiful and there are so many stunning temples it sounds like an amazing place to experience.

Where do you have on your travel bucketlist? Have you visited any of my top three?


21 Apr 2015

OUTFIT: A miracle has happened tonight

You can't say I'm not good to you - two outfits in one?! I know how to treat you right. I was quite excited to be offered the opportunity to take part in a couple of campaigns for George at Asda as I knew I'd be able to get quite a bit of use out of the pieces! I love the range available from George and I'm always taken aback by how affordable it is. I decided to go for two contrasting outfits, one more casual and one a bit more dressed up, and obviously couldn't resist a little bit of MJ for my title. So apt!

Dress* - George
Shoes - Office (old)
Necklace - Claire Barclay Draws 

The first outfit was my more casual look (in case the trainers didn't give it away) and is an outfit I've been wearing quite regularly as of late - you may have spotted it in my vlog! Although the weather has been quite nice lately it's been a bit breezy so this is the perfect way to set my legs free without worrying too much about flashing any passers by. I love how the cut out shoulders make it a little bit more than just a plain black dress and for £10 it's a massive bargain. I'm considering shortening it a bit as I am a wee midget however I quite like this length as it's different to the rest of my wardrobe, what do you think?

As amazing as my necklace is I'm going to save the gushing love for later in the week as I have a full post dedicated to the wonderful work of Claire Barclay. I bought a lucky dip bag from her last week and just cannot get enough of her work. For those not familiar with Scottish slang, a winch (also known in some circles as a nip) is a kiss... so pucker up!

Dress* - George
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Forever 21

My second choice was something a little bit girlier and I love it! I love the combination of the white and blue, especially with the pretty lace overlay of the dress. I just need to find a belt in the right shade of blue then it'll be perfect. I was going to wear this outfit out for dinner on Easter Sunday but the weather wasn't playing ball, so I think it's next appearance will possibly be for a family dinner in May. I think that a little white dress is just as much of a classic piece as a little black dress and I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this.

Do you shop at George? If you've picked up any great bargains lately let me know!


20 Apr 2015

Meet My April Advertisers!

Why hello there! It's that time once again, and so here I am to tell you all about the lovely ladies in my sidebar this month. Much like last month I have the fabulous Stephanie & Jasmin featuring over on the right. They both have absolutely fantastic blogs that are definitely worth following for both in depth beauty reviews, gorgeous recipes and tech tips. Find out a little bit more about them below:

My name is Stephanie, I'm 23 and I'm based in Hertfordshire. I run 'Hope, Freedom, Love' which is a beauty and lifestyle blog. 'Hope, Freedom, Love' is three years old and it's the best hobby I could wish for. If you like daily content then I'm the blog for you, as I post every single day at 7am! I write about everything that interests me; from new makeup releases, hauls and reviews, to recipes, life updates and fun things to do! I love meeting and chatting to fellow bloggers and readers, so please come by and visit!

Hi all! I'm Jasmin and I blog over at jasmincharlotte.com - I am a kiwi living in London with a confused accent and a diet coke addiction. I can't keep my feet in the same country for long, could likely eat my body weight in cheese and am always looking for ways to make me and others happier! I blog all about lifestyle, including food, travel, London adventures, technology and occasionally beauty. Come and say hi! JC xx

SMALL ADVERTISER: Sue's Little Gems, affordable handmade jewellery

For more details on my advertising packages head over to this page, or get in touch if you have any further questions.

I uploaded my first ever vlog yesterday, you can check it out here: A Day Out In Glasgow

16 Apr 2015

RECIPE: Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

I mentioned in my post about the most recent Degustabox that I was planning on attempting slow cooked pulled pork and I am so happy to say that it was definitely a success! It was surprisingly easy but also torturous as it meant my flat smelt like pulled pork all day - I was so glad to finally eat it. My attempt was mostly based on this recipe from Hayley's blog however I used the BBQUE Barbecue Sauce from the Degustabox instead of making my own sauce.

I used just two ingredients - a bottle of barbecue sauce and a boneless pork shoulder joint - and there was minimal preparation required. It does take a long time so be prepared for the commitment, but it's worthwhile.

To start with I unwrapped my pork joint and trimmed as much fat as possible before popping it in a bowl and smothering it in the bulk of the barbecue sauce. Various online recipes recommended leaving the joint to marinate in the fridge overnight however by the time I realised it was too late so I just popped it in the fridge for two hours. After it had marinated I squeezed it in to my slightly too small slow cooker and left it on high for an hour, turned it back down to low for another five hours and then finished it off with an hour-ish on high. When it's on high it's a good idea to keep an eye on it to make sure it's not bubbling over (yeah... oops) but ideally you should check it every so often throughout the process.

Once cooked I placed the joint in to a large bowl and pulled it apart using two forks, removing any excess fat as I went. I had mine with some pasta & cheese on the side but I have an insane amount left over, so it's lucky that it's absolutely delicious! The barbecue flavour isn't as overpowering as I had expected it to be and it'll make a great accompaniment for many meals. I have a few ideas for the leftovers already including bagels, nachos and baked potatoes. I'll probably have pop some on top of macaroni cheese too - beautiful!

How do you like to eat pulled pork?

15 Apr 2015

BEAUTY: Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream by Tesco

Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream - £3.00 from Tesco

Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that my skin doesn't always have the most expensive taste, as I find cheaper moisturisers work a lot better for my skin and manage to save me a fair few pennies in the long run. A few weeks ago I spotted this moisturiser in someone's favourites post (I can't remember who, sorry!) and knew that I'd have to pick it up and give it a go.

At £3.00 I think you'd struggle to deny that this is a pretty purse friendly moisturiser (kaching!) and after doing a bit of research I've seen a fair few rave reviews. The texture of the moisturiser itself is a little denser than I would like and I think that's why I'm not as amazed by this as I thought I'd be. This works really well at keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day and I'm really glad that it also has an SPF level of 15 however the dense nature of the product has left my skin feeling a little clogged and I've had a couple more breakouts than usual.

My skin really doesn't like dense moisturisers so I usually opt for something much lighter and just shovel it on so I'm quite sad to say this isn't really for me. If your skin can take a bit of a heavier moisturiser then I think this would be ideal for you as it contains a Vitamin E complex as well as some green tea which both work wonders for dry skin and help fight the signs of ageing. At £3.00 it was worth trying out and I am a little bit gutted that my skin isn't such a big fan of this, but I'm definitely going to be trying out some of the other affordable skincare from Tesco's Pro Formula range and hopefully I'll find the one for me!

Does your skin have expensive taste?

14 Apr 2015

OUTFIT: Everything you say is a sweet revelation

 Dress - Missguided (old)
Boots - New Look (kind of similar here)

Jumping from bodycon one week to a trapeze style the next... hm! I bought this dress to wear on Christmas day a few years ago now and it was ideal for hiding my festive food baby however since then it's not made that many appearances. It looks quite nice belted but I thought that I'd wear it loose for a change and despite it being oh so comfortable I'm not too sure how flattering it is for me as it skims right over my hips without nipping in at the waist like I'm used to. It's a good one to just chuck on as I love the bold pattern, just need to get used to wearing it and not feel like I'm wearing a tent! If I remember correctly it was a bit of a bargain and was only about £10, which isn't bad considering it's decent quality. My boots were a real investment purchase (at the time) as they were £35 in the New Look sale, reduced from £75, and as they are real leather and from the Limited Edition range I think that they were totally worth it. They're a little bit too high for me to wear all day but they really smarten up an outfit and I think they're quite classically British... if that makes sense. Got to love a Chelsea boot!

I feel like things may start to quieten down a little bit on here over the next few weeks whilst I bang out my coursework. I do have posts planned but finding the time to write them is proving a little difficult so you might need to bear with me until I get this out of the way! I've already mentioned that the next few months are going to be quite busy but sometimes a little pressure is good for me to actually get stuff done. I'm a massive procrastinator, but add in time constraints and upcoming deadlines and I can knock an essay out in a day or two. Sadly my current coursework involves a little bit more than just an essay... eek.

Last week was a nice little break from university and despite intending to do a bit of coursework I ended up spending most of the time catching up with friends which was very much needed. I filmed a video with my best friend Geraldine which you can watch here - it was so fun to film together and it's something we'll definitely be doing again in the future! I also filmed my first vlog which I think I'll put up next weekend, it's not the most riveting piece of video but I'm happy with it for a first attempt.

How was your Easter, did you get up to anything fun?


13 Apr 2015


First mistake of the Burgerthon... Forgetting to take my camera. Oops! Apologies for the phone pictures, I'll remember to actually take my camera in the future.

Last Tuesday Paddy & I headed in to town for a meal at Burger Meats Bun to kick off The Great Glasgow Burgerthon. If you don't know what The Great Glasgow Burgerthon is, then I suggest reading this post before you get started!

Burger Meats Bun is situated on West Regent Street and is somewhere we've been intending on visiting for a while, but we just hadn't quite got round to it yet. As it was somewhere neither of us had tried we thought it would be a good starting point - a blank canvas of sorts. Before visiting we were both a little bit sceptical about the seemingly small menu that offered beef, chicken or mushroom burgers, but we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and figured that the small selection must be pretty well made.

We arrived just after 5pm so it was reasonably quiet and we were quickly seated. The service was really quick and our waitress was lovely too. The decor was pretty simple but really cute, I liked the wee grass detailing along the windowsill with an adorable little farm set up - a quirky touch! Both of us were driving so it was soft drinks only on this occasion, Paddy choosing a 7up and I decided on a chocolate milkshake (as per usual). The milkshake was really nice but a bit pricey compared to other places.

As soon as we saw the menu we knew straight away that we wanted to try the Haggis Popcorn and MacNuggets (fried macaroni cheese - mmmmm) as a starter of sorts and they both arrived very quickly. I absolutely devoured the Haggis Popcorn, I'm drooling just thinking about it, but wasn't quite so keen on the MacNuggets as I like my macaroni to have ALL the cheese. Paddy really enjoyed both and we happily devoured the two. I believe these were around £4 each which is pretty reasonable for the portion size. They are intended as sides but we were just greedy ;)

I had originally set out intending to have a good ol' cheeseburger, however after spotting the specials menu I was soon swayed by the Jamon En Llama. This was a monthly special (which has now changed - sorry!) with a chorizo & pork burger, manchego cheese, Serrano ham, baby spinach & alioli. It was good, but the chorizo patty was a little bit too much for me at times! It was also seriously messy, but something a little bit different and I did enjoy it. The patty itself did feel a little bit dry at times, much like Paddy's bacon cheeseburger. He said it was good, but not as outstanding as we would have hoped. I had a bite and thought the burger was a little bit on the chewy side but nice and flavourful. The chips on the other hand were incredible - I would go back just for them! Although we did have a starter our eyes were still a bit too big for our bellies and we opted for a portion of chips each when in reality one between two would have been more than enough... we never learn. All together our meal came to £38 which isn't all too shabby, it was a little more than I had expected but not eye-wateringly expensive either.

On the whole it was an enjoyable experience and I'd definitely recommend giving them a go (especially for the chips and Haggis Popcorn) however it didn't blow us away which is what we're really looking for from the Burgerthon. They seem to do some really great specials which change on a daily and monthly basis which I think kind of makes up for the lack of variety on the permanent menu. I feel like I've been a bit harsh but as we're going to be trying so many burgers I think I need to keep my critical thinking hat on.

She thought: Quality of burger 3, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 3.5
He thought: Quality of burger 3.5, Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 3.5

Overall rating for Burger Meats Bun: 27.5/40 If you want to visit Burger Meats Bun you can find them in Glasgow at 48A West Regent Street and at 1 Forth Street in Edinburgh.

Have you ever been to Burger Meats Bun? What did you think - do you agree with our thoughts?

Next stop on The Great Glasgow Burgerthon is Jacker De Viande.


10 Apr 2015

5 Reasons To Love Tea

In true British Blogger style I have decided to write an ode of some sort to the wonder that is tea. I know that tea isn't everyone's... cup of tea? But I for one adore it, and I thought I'd share a few of the many reasons why.

There's that age old issue of Brits abroad struggling to find a decent cup of tea and I am totally one of them. Although when in a roasting hot country I'm not always gagging for a cup of tea there's something comforting about continuing in my little routine of having a cuppa in the morning with my breakfast. Each person has a specific way of making their tea and I find that getting that perfect brew makes me feel awfully happy. Home comforts and all that jazz, eh?

Well, at least it is for me when you pair it with an entire packet of biscuits. A cup of tea is such a simple pleasure that can still be made even better based on it's accompaniments. If it's a trip in to that fancy tea room for a spot of Afternoon Tea or just stuffing your face with a packet of Asda's own chocolate bourbons then it really can be considered a special treat. At the moment my favourite pairing is a good old builder's brew and some chocolate chip shortbread. In particular I'm really enjoying Walker's Gluten Free shortbread* as I can devour an entire box of deliciousness without feeling that awful bloated way afterwards. Walker's Shortbread is one of the best shortbreads on the market (it always reminds me of my gran's homemade shortbread) so it's really nice to see them incorporate a gluten free range that doesn't feel like you're eating cardboard!

Hashtag student life. It's getting a bit warmer now, but over winter I was drinking tea constantly just to keep myself warm! There's something really cosy about snuggling up in your pyjamas with a cup of tea, like I said before it can be pretty comforting, and it's not all that costly to make.

I think this may relate back to the comforting, but there's something about the routine of making a cup of tea that's quite relaxing. Sitting down in front of the TV or curling up in bed with a good book and a cuppa is a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. I for one love precariously balancing my mug on the side of the bath whilst I sink in to a sea of bubbles. The warming sensation that a cup of tea provides is something that other drinks struggle to provide, although maybe a nice hot chocolate comes close, I just wish I could have a tap that was programmed to dispense my perfect cuppa...

Okay... maybe your standard cup of builder's brew doesn't do all that much, but some do! There are so many varieties of tea out there that boast numerous benefits to your health, and I think they can be a really easy way to up your vitamin intake. A firm favourite of mine is Raspberry & Echinacea which claims to help boost your immune system against those pesky colds whilst also tasting delicious. I'm not a big fan of mint, but I know that Peppermint Tea can sometimes work wonders for those with a poorly stomach. Then there's that infamous Green Tea, which in it's typical state doesn't really taste all that nice, but you can get some delicious blends with things such as lemon which are bursting with high levels of antioxidants to help fight off free radicals.

Are you a tea fan, or is it not for you?

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