London was February but oh well // gorgeous sunset after work // it’s a hard life
date night // cute new pjs // cake!!!
again London but best breakfast ever // pretty flowers // my friend Amy’s adorable puppy

At the time March felt like quite a slow month, but looking back it was a bit crazy which probably added to it flying by. I definitely wasted a fair few days that could’ve been used a little bit more productively. My final coursework deadlines are very fast approaching and I hadn’t quite realised just how much work I have to do… Oh well! University wise I have a week off at the beginning of April then about three weeks of classes left before we break up for exams. I still don’t have dates for my exams which is a little frustrating because I need to sort out moving back home (yay!) but hopefully they’ll be released soon.

This month I was lucky to see some really great shows which I’m not sure if I’ve really mentioned yet. First of all I saw McBusted for the third time and they were just as amazing as before. As much as I miss McFly it’s always so great to relive my childhood for a night. The night after I headed to the theatre to see The Bodyguard after receiving tickets for Christmas. I hadn’t actually seen the film before I went to see the show but I still loved it. It was a really great night! Finally I popped to the Tron to see the hilarious ventriloquist Nina Conti. The tickets were a total bargain too, double bonus! I’ve seen Nina twice now and loved her show both times, if you’ve never seen any of her work then you should check her out on YouTube.

Looking at my calendar, the next few months are actually quite busy! The end of term is always a pretty busy time and it probably doesn’t help that I’m going to need to get sorted for moving too… After all of the university stuff dies down it’ll be June, when I’m going to Manchester for my first gig at Heaton Park (despite growing up around the corner), going through to Edinburgh for a wedding and then visiting again at the end of the month for me & Paddy’s five year anniversary! Ooft. It’ll be here before I know it!

What have you been up to this month, anything exciting? Or do you have exciting plans for next month? Let me know! x