FAVOURITES: March 2015

Why hello there! It’s time for another monthly favourites. This month it feels like I don’t have that much to talk about but a couple of my favourites have been in the ~virtual~ sense so I figured it was a bit easier to share some links instead of working out some complicated way to represent them in my photos… Maybe I’m just being lazy but oh well!

Let’s start out with the things in the photo, it seems only logical. I’ve been trying to incorporate blusher in to my routine a lot more this Spring and so my Cheeky Sweet Spot from Benefit has been making a fair few appearances – you can read my full review of this here. I’ve been loving using the shade Dandelion (top left) as it’s a beautiful pale pink with a slightly lilac undertone that I think is lovely and fresh for springtime! I’ve also been using Hoola a lot as my contour shade but I feel like it can be a little bit too warm at times, probably because my skin is at it’s palest right now – time to get my tan on.

My other beauty favourite this month has been the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 07 “Nude-ist”, again I have posted a full review on this before which you can read here. Whilst it’s not the boldest shade, it certainly makes a nice change from my usual go to lips which tend to be a more subtle shade. I love the finish of this and have finally managed to get over my habit of rubbing my lips together when wearing this so it stays put all day!

Back in 2013 I featured this bracelet from Speechless* in a post (and one of my first ever giveaways) which you can have a nosey at here. I’m still obsessed with rose gold so I wear this bracelet most days. The quote that’s engraved in to the bracelet – “Hold On To Your Dreams” – speaks a lot to me right now as I had been feeling a little lost with the whole leaving university situation, but I’m feeling a lot better about my future now.

The last thing I’ve pictured is my YouTube channel, which is something I’ve really been enjoying working on this past month. I find it so much fun to film and upload videos, despite it being a little bit difficult to establish a “place” in the YouTube community as it just so saturated right now. It’s a bit more work than I expected but I love it and can’t wait to make more videos!

It’s maybe a little bit narcissistic just to include my own channel, so luckily I’ve been kind of addicted to another channel that I can share too! A little while ago I discovered BZvlogs, a channel run by Brad & Zoe who are two Scottish vloggers filming their everyday life in Glasgow. A long time ago I used to be obsessed with CTFxC and watched their videos every single day, but after the whole divorce thing I lost interest in the daily vlogs as I realised I kind of preferred Alli – who’s videos I still love. That was over a year ago now and it left me feeling a bit bored of daily videos, but there’s something really refreshing about Brad & Zoe’s vlogs so I love tuning in to see what they’ve been up to! Plus it’s totally awesome to be able to see places in Glasgow instead of the usual America or London. Definitely worth checking out if daily vlogs (and adorable cats) are your kind of thing!

What have you been loving this month? If you have any favourite YouTubers please let me know in the comments as I’m always trying to find new videos to watch!