2 Mar 2015

OUTFIT: Living the dream like a London queen

Dress - Romwe
Necklace - Primark
Boots - ASOS
Hat - Primark

I've got a serious case of the post-London blues right now. I miss the pace and variety of the city with new restaurants on every corner and department stores galore. No matter how many times I visit I never feel like I've really seen the city so once again I'm desperate to return. Maybe in the summer...

This is the outfit I wore to wander the infamous cobbles of Somerset House at London Fashion Weekend. I never imagined myself being a hat person but after spying this Primark beauty - in Selfridges of all places - everything changed. I'm not quite sure when I'll wear it again, but it helped keep my hair reasonably under control. Unfortunately it had already rained enough to make my hair a lovely ball of fuzz before I decided to buy the hat, but in the future it will definitely come in handy for those ever so rainy Glasgow days.

I bought this dress a little while back and decided to save it for my trip to London, but I think it's a pretty versatile piece that I'll be wearing again. I might shorten the sleeves a tad (damn you short arms) and bring it in a little at the waist but it was a surprisingly great length for me and a total steal at under a tenner. I can't find it on the website any more, but there are loads of similar ones on eBay if you fancy working a little bit of schoolgirl chic. Seriously, if it was black and I could have worn a tie with it I would have 100% rocked back in my school days.

I've got a full post on LFWend coming tomorrow, but in summary I had a really great time. It was pretty cool to finally see where all the Fashion Week action goes down and I can't help but hope that I'll be there "for reals" one season. I loved silently stalking everyone's somewhat crazy outfits! It reignited my love for the industry which couldn't have come at a better time for me, personally.

The weekend before London I was pretty ill so I gave myself a bit of time to recover over the weekend which included eating lots of junk food and watching the entirety of the new season of House of Cards. London is so exhausting but so worth it.

What have you been up to this weekend?


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