HOME: New in from Flamingo Gifts

Since renovating my room a tad back in January I’ve become a bit obsessed with finding cute little bits and bobs to add to my collection. I finally got round to decluttering my windowsill, next up is the bookcase! Last week Flamingo Gifts got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out a few gorgeous bits from their website and I jumped at the opportunity to add a few finishing touches to my room. Flamingo Gifts sell a fantastic range of unique gift ideas, I could have spent hours browsing!

If you fancy seeing my very first impressions of these then head over to my YouTube channel and watch my latest video which is a wee unboxing of some of my latest arrivals!

The first thing that caught my eye was this super cute Party Ring Cushion* which I thought would look great on my bed. I’ve always wanted a novelty cushion and had been leaning towards a Custard Cream (I like food) but as soon as I saw the pink Party Ring I knew I’d found the one. Also sitting pretty on my bed is my Microwaveable Bagpuss*, I love microwaveable teddies as they make a nice cuddly change to a hot water bottle and the newest addition to my growing collection is just perfect. Like I mentioned in my video, I used to have a Bagpuss themed bedroom when I was younger so it’s nice to have a little bit of Bagpuss back in my life. Too cute!

I’m travelling about a lot at the moment which means I very rarely have a chance to put my make up away in it’s proper drawers, so this adorable Retro Kitten Make Up Bag* is perfect for lugging it all up and down the road every weekend. Not only is it super cute it’s also got a plastic-y interior which means I can clean it really easily – a must for me. Continuing with my cat theme – Flamingo Gifts is a cat lady’s paradise – I also received these rather spiffing Cat Dress Up Coasters*. I couldn’t resist. After getting a nice new desk back in January I’ve been getting by using bits of paper to supplement my one lonely coaster so now I can have cups of tea galore without worrying about leaving those awful rings on my desk.

If you’ve been about for a little while you’ll know that this year I’m trying to be more positive so having this “Enjoy The Little Things” plaque* by my desk serves as a daily reminded to make the most of the small things in life… like delicious candles. I’ve been trying to finish quite a few candles so I’ve been having loads burning at once, but luckily they’ve all been those cheap and cheerful Ikea candles that aren’t all that strong. Now, they’ve been thrown aside for this incredible Rose & Marshmallow candle* by Flamingo Candles. I think this is my favourite candle ever, and that’s saying something! The scent is sweet yet fruity and a little bit floral which is ideal for spring. Unlike my Ikea candles the scent is noticing but it’s not overpowering to the point of nausea. I can see myself burning this constantly as I just love the scent so much!

Do you have any favourites from Flamingo Gifts? I’d love to know! I think it’s going to be a one stop shop for me in the future, I already have my eye on loads of things for birthdays that are months away… Can’t hurt to be prepared I suppose!