RECIPE: Chocolate Easter Nests

chocolate shredded wheat nests easter

chocolate shredded wheat nests easter

Did you know that you can buy mini Mini Eggs? I didn’t either until recently! They are seriously adorable and ideal for making fake nests out of chocolate. Very festive. I always remember making these in school the day before the Easter Holidays and coming home with pockets full of the little yellow fluffy chickens that we used for decoration. Oops.

1 packet mini Mini Eggs (or normal Mini Eggs!)
300g milk chocolate
100g Shredded Wheat

These are so easy to make it’s unreal, all you have to do is melt the chocolate and pour it over crushed shredded wheat and then spoon the mixture in to cupcake cases or a lined muffin tray. Before popping them in the fridge to set decorate with your miniaturised chocolate egg of choice! I think this recipe works best with the larger size of Shredded Wheat but I used mini Shredded Wheat (to match my mini Mini Eggs) and it worked out just as well too. For something a bit different, you could use orange flavoured chocolate to create chocolate orange nests – yum!

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What’s your favourite Easter recipe? I still love this White Chocolate Mini Egg Rocky Road from last year