9 Mar 2015

BEAUTY: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk liner review

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk liner review

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk liner review

charlotte tilbury pillowtalk liner review

Despite having a pretty extensive shopping list for my trip to London I didn't actually buy anywhere near as much as I'd expected. Good news for my bank account, but seeing as I need to renew my passport it's all going straight out anyway! One of the only things I picked up was the infamous Lip Cheat pencil by Charlotte Tilbury in the shade Pillow Talk from Selfridges.

This is the first addition to my Charlotte Tilbury collection and it's safe to say it won't be the last. I've loved the "Old Hollywood" style of the range for a long time so I'm really happy to finally have something to call my own. The packaging is difficult to photograph but it's a beautiful, shiny brown with rose gold detailing. It fits in so well with the Hollywood glamour and I just love it, so pretty. The pencil carries on the colour scheme with a rose gold barrel (if that's the right term...?) and the burgundy-brown writing. Rose gold is a total winner for me!

For me, this is the perfect pinky-browny-nude combo that is all the rage right now. Personally, I think I'd look a bit ridiculous with the "Kylie Jenner lip", but this pencil is ideal for perfecting the shape of my lips. I found the application a bit difficult to get used to at first but I'm slowly getting there and have been wearing it nearly every day for that ever so clich├ęd "my lips but better" look. It also works perfectly under my favourite lipstick (Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 19) and helps it stay put throughout the day.

The pencil itself is velvety soft and doesn't drag in the slightest. The colour pay-off is fantastic but can also be subtle if applied with a lighter hand. As to be expected with a lip liner it's a tad drying on its own but with a slick of balm over the top you're good to go. It's seriously long lasting and doesn't fade to leave the dreaded ring of colour, instead it disappears pretty evenly. My main issue with the pencil is that it's a tiny bit too soft and I find I need to sharpen it more often than other lip pencils I've used previously - however I think it's totally worth it.

At £16.00 it's not the cheapest and I'm sure there's a few high street alternatives but I think it was worth every penny. This is a liner I'll be using nearly every day and so I don't mind paying that little bit extra to get the long lasting quality I'm after - which this liner definitely provided. For my first foray in to the world of Charlotte Tilbury I'm seriously impressed... what to buy next?!


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