31 Mar 2015

FAVOURITES: March 2015

Why hello there! It's time for another monthly favourites. This month it feels like I don't have that much to talk about but a couple of my favourites have been in the ~virtual~ sense so I figured it was a bit easier to share some links instead of working out some complicated way to represent them in my photos... Maybe I'm just being lazy but oh well!

Let's start out with the things in the photo, it seems only logical. I've been trying to incorporate blusher in to my routine a lot more this Spring and so my Cheeky Sweet Spot from Benefit has been making a fair few appearances - you can read my full review of this here. I've been loving using the shade Dandelion (top left) as it's a beautiful pale pink with a slightly lilac undertone that I think is lovely and fresh for springtime! I've also been using Hoola a lot as my contour shade but I feel like it can be a little bit too warm at times, probably because my skin is at it's palest right now - time to get my tan on.

My other beauty favourite this month has been the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 07 "Nude-ist", again I have posted a full review on this before which you can read here. Whilst it's not the boldest shade, it certainly makes a nice change from my usual go to lips which tend to be a more subtle shade. I love the finish of this and have finally managed to get over my habit of rubbing my lips together when wearing this so it stays put all day!

Back in 2013 I featured this bracelet from Speechless* in a post (and one of my first ever giveaways) which you can have a nosey at here. I'm still obsessed with rose gold so I wear this bracelet most days. The quote that's engraved in to the bracelet - "Hold On To Your Dreams" - speaks a lot to me right now as I had been feeling a little lost with the whole leaving university situation, but I'm feeling a lot better about my future now.

The last thing I've pictured is my YouTube channel, which is something I've really been enjoying working on this past month. I find it so much fun to film and upload videos, despite it being a little bit difficult to establish a "place" in the YouTube community as it just so saturated right now. It's a bit more work than I expected but I love it and can't wait to make more videos!

It's maybe a little bit narcissistic just to include my own channel, so luckily I've been kind of addicted to another channel that I can share too! A little while ago I discovered BZvlogs, a channel run by Brad & Zoe who are two Scottish vloggers filming their everyday life in Glasgow. A long time ago I used to be obsessed with CTFxC and watched their videos every single day, but after the whole divorce thing I lost interest in the daily vlogs as I realised I kind of preferred Alli - who's videos I still love. That was over a year ago now and it left me feeling a bit bored of daily videos, but there's something really refreshing about Brad & Zoe's vlogs so I love tuning in to see what they've been up to! Plus it's totally awesome to be able to see places in Glasgow instead of the usual America or London. Definitely worth checking out if daily vlogs (and adorable cats) are your kind of thing!

What have you been loving this month? If you have any favourite YouTubers please let me know in the comments as I'm always trying to find new videos to watch!

30 Mar 2015

HOME: New in from Flamingo Gifts

Since renovating my room a tad back in January I've become a bit obsessed with finding cute little bits and bobs to add to my collection. I finally got round to decluttering my windowsill, next up is the bookcase! Last week Flamingo Gifts got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out a few gorgeous bits from their website and I jumped at the opportunity to add a few finishing touches to my room. Flamingo Gifts sell a fantastic range of unique gift ideas, I could have spent hours browsing!

If you fancy seeing my very first impressions of these then head over to my YouTube channel and watch my latest video which is a wee unboxing of some of my latest arrivals!

The first thing that caught my eye was this super cute Party Ring Cushion* which I thought would look great on my bed. I've always wanted a novelty cushion and had been leaning towards a Custard Cream (I like food) but as soon as I saw the pink Party Ring I knew I'd found the one. Also sitting pretty on my bed is my Microwaveable Bagpuss*, I love microwaveable teddies as they make a nice cuddly change to a hot water bottle and the newest addition to my growing collection is just perfect. Like I mentioned in my video, I used to have a Bagpuss themed bedroom when I was younger so it's nice to have a little bit of Bagpuss back in my life. Too cute!

I'm travelling about a lot at the moment which means I very rarely have a chance to put my make up away in it's proper drawers, so this adorable Retro Kitten Make Up Bag* is perfect for lugging it all up and down the road every weekend. Not only is it super cute it's also got a plastic-y interior which means I can clean it really easily - a must for me. Continuing with my cat theme - Flamingo Gifts is a cat lady's paradise - I also received these rather spiffing Cat Dress Up Coasters*. I couldn't resist. After getting a nice new desk back in January I've been getting by using bits of paper to supplement my one lonely coaster so now I can have cups of tea galore without worrying about leaving those awful rings on my desk.

If you've been about for a little while you'll know that this year I'm trying to be more positive so having this "Enjoy The Little Things" plaque* by my desk serves as a daily reminded to make the most of the small things in life... like delicious candles. I've been trying to finish quite a few candles so I've been having loads burning at once, but luckily they've all been those cheap and cheerful Ikea candles that aren't all that strong. Now, they've been thrown aside for this incredible Rose & Marshmallow candle* by Flamingo Candles. I think this is my favourite candle ever, and that's saying something! The scent is sweet yet fruity and a little bit floral which is ideal for spring. Unlike my Ikea candles the scent is noticing but it's not overpowering to the point of nausea. I can see myself burning this constantly as I just love the scent so much!

Do you have any favourites from Flamingo Gifts? I'd love to know! I think it's going to be a one stop shop for me in the future, I already have my eye on loads of things for birthdays that are months away... Can't hurt to be prepared I suppose!


27 Mar 2015


London was February but oh well // gorgeous sunset after work // it's a hard life
date night // cute new pjs // cake!!!
again London but best breakfast ever // pretty flowers // my friend Amy's adorable puppy
At the time March felt like quite a slow month, but looking back it was a bit crazy which probably added to it flying by. I definitely wasted a fair few days that could've been used a little bit more productively. My final coursework deadlines are very fast approaching and I hadn't quite realised just how much work I have to do... Oh well! University wise I have a week off at the beginning of April then about three weeks of classes left before we break up for exams. I still don't have dates for my exams which is a little frustrating because I need to sort out moving back home (yay!) but hopefully they'll be released soon.

This month I was lucky to see some really great shows which I'm not sure if I've really mentioned yet. First of all I saw McBusted for the third time and they were just as amazing as before. As much as I miss McFly it's always so great to relive my childhood for a night. The night after I headed to the theatre to see The Bodyguard after receiving tickets for Christmas. I hadn't actually seen the film before I went to see the show but I still loved it. It was a really great night! Finally I popped to the Tron to see the hilarious ventriloquist Nina Conti. The tickets were a total bargain too, double bonus! I've seen Nina twice now and loved her show both times, if you've never seen any of her work then you should check her out on YouTube.

Looking at my calendar, the next few months are actually quite busy! The end of term is always a pretty busy time and it probably doesn't help that I'm going to need to get sorted for moving too... After all of the university stuff dies down it'll be June, when I'm going to Manchester for my first gig at Heaton Park (despite growing up around the corner), going through to Edinburgh for a wedding and then visiting again at the end of the month for me & Paddy's five year anniversary! Ooft. It'll be here before I know it!

What have you been up to this month, anything exciting? Or do you have exciting plans for next month? Let me know! x

26 Mar 2015

OUTFIT: Listen to the rhythm of my heart

scottish student fashion blogger uk

scottish student fashion blogger uk

scottish student fashion blogger uk
Top - Romwe
Skirt - F&F* (also worn here)
Boots - ASOS (these are really similar)
Glasses* - London Retro via Glasses Direct (full post here)

Why hello there! How are you all? I feel like I haven't had a wee chat for a while - which is probably an exaggeration and a half because I'm forever rambling - so I like that I get the opportunity to catch up with outfit posts. I'm feeling quite excited at the moment about a fair few things!

First things first, how cute is this top? When I was making an order on Romwe a few months ago I couldn't resist adding this to my basket. I love Garfield, he reminds me of my very own chubby ginger cat who also loves pasta dishes - and custard creams. I ordered the biggest size at the time as I wanted it to be a bit oversized but I think that was maybe a bad idea as the sleeves totally drown me. I might need to get my sewing kit out! I usually pop this on with leggings if I'm just having a bit of a lazy day or travelling so it was a nice change to smarten it up a bit. I feel like this is almost acceptable to wear to uni now!

Speaking of university, I only have a few weeks left! I'm so excited to move home. It'll be emotional leaving Aberdeen but I'm at the stage where I just want it to be over with. My summer (and potential gap year) is starting to come together with some exciting adventures planned. Last night my boyfriend and I booked our first proper holiday together and will be spending a week in the Turkish sun come the end of August. We've been together for close to five years now and we've never had a foreign holiday, plus I'm desperate for some proper sunshine, so I'm really really really excited. 

Another thing that I'm quite excited about right now is my YouTube channel, which I'm sure you're all fed up of hearing about by now! I'm really enjoying making videos, well the two I've made so far, and I'm bursting with ideas for future videos. If you've been around for a while you might remember my previous attempts at YouTube didn't last all that long but this time I think it'll be different. If there are any videos you'd like to see please let me know! I'm thinking about doing a Q&A/About Me type video so if you have any burning questions you'd like me to answer then pop them in the comments too.

So that's my little ramble over for the day, I hope you're all having a lovely week!


25 Mar 2015

RECIPE: Spaghetti Bolognese

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

spaghetti bolognese recipe lea perrins sauce

If I had to choose one dish to be my "favourite", I'd struggle for a while and ultimately settle on Spaghetti Bolognese. It's my ultimate comfort food - especially when smothered in cheese - and surprisingly not all that difficult to make. When Lea and Perrins got in touch to ask if I'd like to blog about a delicious recipe including the infamous Worcestershire Sauce I jumped at the chance to share a little treat with you guys!

Ingredients (serves 4)
1 onion
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
2 cloves of garlic
5 chestnut mushrooms (I left these out this time!)
A handful of pancetta cubes
500g mince (beef, turkey & pork all work well)
1 tablespoon tomato puree
400g chopped tomatoes
200ml beef stock
1 glass red wine
4 tablespoons of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
350g spaghetti
A handful of parmesan
A handful of fresh basil (chopped)

I think that the best way to start off is chopping up all of your vegetables. Being prepared helps! This takes a little while - especially if you watch RuPaul's Drag Race whilst you do it like me - but once it's all done it makes everything a lot easier in the long run. So, dice your onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms and garlic and pop them aside for later.
Pop your pancetta in to a pan with a little oil and fry until browned. Then add your mince, again until browned. Once your meat is ready add your veg and stir well before coating with the tomato puree and cooking for a few minutes. After a few minutes add your glass of red wine and the beef stock, leave it to bubble for a wee while until it has reduced by around half. Once reduced add in your Lea & Perrins and the tin of chopped tomatoes - be sure to give it a good mix! Bring it up to the boil then reduce the heat and let it simmer for around 45 minutes. For this stage I popped the bolognese in to my slow cooker on a high setting for 45 minutes then left it on the lowest setting to keep it warm until I was ready to eat - this method is pretty torturous if you're in the house as it smells delicious. Once you're ready to eat boil your pasta until cooked. When it's ready pop it on to a plate and add your bolognese on the top. Finish off with a bit of basil & your parmesan (maybe a whole load of mozzarella too if you're like me) and devour. So good!

If, like me, you're only cooking for one or two people or just have a lot of leftovers then I have a couple of yummy meals that are perfect for leftover Bolognese. To start off with, I love a good ol' jacket potato (made in the oven obviously) and Bolognese is the perfect filling for those nights that you're craving something a bit more-ish. My absolute ultimate way to devour the leftovers is by making a creamy pasta bake with lashings of cheese. Caloriffic, but delicious. Basically, you need to mix up a serving of bolognese and single cream in a bowl with the pasta of your choice, load up with cheese and pop it in the oven covered in tin foil. It's such a treat, so creamy and just all round amazing-ness. Add a slice of garlic bread on the side and it's just heaven! I know what I'm having for tea tonight...

What's your favourite meal? I also love anything with tuna & cheese, best combination ever. You can find some more great recipes using Lea & Perrins on their website here.

The ingredients & recipe were kindly provided on behalf of Lea & Perrins.
This does not affect my opinions in any way, shape or form. I love bolognese. A lot.
Read my full disclaimer here.

24 Mar 2015

BOOKS: What I Read in March

This month didn't start out too well reading wise, as my poor old Kindle actually broke right at the beginning of the month! I was gutted, but luckily it was still in warranty and so a few days later a shiny new Kindle Paperwhite arrived at my door. It's a bit different to my old Kindle but I'm starting to get used to it - I was thinking about doing a full review of it if that's something you'd like to see? Let me know! Anyway, moving on to what I ended up reading this month:

Bossypants by Tina Fey
This one has been on my to read list for a while as I love Tina Fey's work. Much like Amy Poehler's book this is hilarious and so insightful in to how hard she has worked for the career that she has now. There was a splattering of "life advice" and few anecdotes that felt a bit forced or out of place which let me down a bit. She writes how she speaks which is something I like in an autobiography, and whilst it didn't totally blow me away it was still a really enjoyable read.

It's Not Me It's You by Mhairi McFarlane
I'd been meaning to read a book by Mhairi McFarlane for a while, so I decided to give her latest novel It's Not Me It's You a try first and then this resulted in me reading all three of her books in less than a week. SO GOOD.

Delia thinks her life isn't going all that bad, but when she proposes to her boyfriend and then discovers he's been sleeping with someone else things take a turn. She then undertakes a journey of "self discovery", seeing her travel from Newcastle to London and back again with some new additions to her life along the way.

INMIY was definitely my favourite of the three as it had so many twists and turns that just kept me reading and reading. I spilt a cup of boiling hot tea all over myself whilst I sat in Costa waiting for my bus but I kept reading. It's funny, emotional, exciting and thought provoking. It's a bit chick-lity but in the best way possible. I just cannot recommend this book enough. I cried a lot. Like hysterical sobs. On a bus. In public. Possibly the best book I've read so far this year.

Here's Looking At You by Mhairi McFarlane
Continuing with my love for Mhairi McFarlane I then went on to download Here's Looking at you, which I believe was her second book. Aureliana, the protagonist of this story, has never quite moved on from her traumatic high school experience despite continuing on to be relatively successful, but one day she decides to cut her losses and confront her demons at a high school reunion. Typically, things don't quite go to plan. Again, this was quite a typical chick lit choice for me although I was disappointed with some slightly clichéd plot points. On the whole this was a really great book and a perfect poolside read. I loved the character development and Mhairi McFarlane managed to make a pretty clichéd setting not feel all that awful to read.

You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane
In university Rachel and Ben were inseparable, the perfect pair. Fast forward ten years later and they bump in to each other one rainy day in Manchester and everything has changed. Life moves on. This was Mhairi McFarlane's debut novel and is so, so, so good. You Had Me At Hello is totally heartbreaking and emotional, but kind of uplifting in a strange way. I loved understanding references to locations in Manchester (I'm nerdy that way) and once again found myself absolutely head over heels for some of the characters.

There's something about the way that Mhairi McFarlane writes that captivates my mind, I really struggled to put any of her books down. I think it's the way she reworks somewhat tired romance stories in a way that I haven't seen before, it's really refreshing.
4/5 (I think if I had read this before INMIY it would have been 5, but that's not how it went down)

My Husband Next Door by Catherine Alliott
Well... this month has just been full of chick lit, hasn't it?! I wouldn't normally have picked this up, but I'm waiting on a few books being delivered and my mum had just finished this. I've only just started so don't have much of an opinion as of yet but I will admit that I'm struggling to get in to it so far. I'll give it my best shot!

Any suggestions for what I should read next? I quite fancy The Girl On The Train!

You can keep up with what I'm currently reading on Goodreads here.

23 Mar 2015

BEAUTY: InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum

instanatural hyaluronic acid serum review

instanatural hyaluronic acid serum review

instanatural hyaluronic acid serum review
Hyaluronic Acid Serum by InstaNatural - £13.97 via Amazon

I mentioned a couple of months ago in my January Favourites that my Vitamin E serum from The Body Shop had run out and left my skin a bit lacking, however as I'd just started using the Glycolic Fix pads from Nip + Fab I wasn't feeling all that pressured to find something to replace it. When that little pot of gorgeousness was empty I noticed a real deterioration in my skin's texture, hydration and firmness - so the hunt began.

I can't remember exactly who's blog I first saw the Hyaluronic Acid serum by InstaNatural on however after checking out a few reviews (and seeing that it was on offer on Amazon) I decided it was worth a try. Just a couple of days later this arrived and I've been using it twice a day for roughly three weeks now.

The serum itself is packaged in a small blue bottle with a clear list of the instructions and ingredients on the outside - pretty simple. It also highlights their cruelty free status with the Leaping Bunny logo. The bottle has a small pipette embedded in the lid which is used to dispense the product for application. Although not overwhelming, there is a noticeable scent to the serum, which I actually find quite nice! I think it's a combination of the Green Tea and the Jojoba Oil but I'm not entirely certain. It's a little bit floral with a slightly spicy, warm undertone. Once applied the scent doesn't linger for long, which I know will be a plus for some people.

After a few weeks of using this I've noticed a real difference to my skin's level of hydration. It's not an instant miracle worker like I found the Nip + Fab pads to be however with continued consistent application there has been a considerable amount of change in the appearance of my skin. I feel like my make up is applying a lot better than before and my pesky dry patches are much less visible. The overall texture of my skin feels a lot nicer - always a good thing!

Once applied the serum does feel a bit sticky on the skin however it sinks in very quickly and doesn't take too long to dry. I use this in between my toner and moisturiser twice a day, but on nights where I've forgotten my moisturiser (this happens more than I'd care to admit) I do find my face feeling quite tight.

Overall I think this serum is a total bargain piece of skincare that certainly won't break the bank. It's a slow worker, but it's a hard worker. I'd never heard much about the InstaNatural brand before but will definitely be checking more of their products out in the future!

You can buy this on Amazon here.

P.S. - Have you checked out my YouTube channel yet? I uploaded a new video yesterday - The Accent Tag!

18 Mar 2015

Meet My March Advertisers

Hello! I just looked at the date and now I'm in a bit of a panic. I swear it was March 1st just last week but now we're over halfway through? Yes, you'll probably need to put up with me doing this every month.

This month I'm very happy to welcome a couple of lovely ladies for their second month of advertising as well as a couple of new faces too! I'm so glad that both Stephanie and Jasmin took out advertising with me last month and I've been obsessed with their blogs ever since - well worth the read. Chantel is a new find for me too but we've been chatting a bit on Twitter recently and she is so lovely - much like her blog which you'll need to check out. Finally, a shout out for my mum's handmade jewellery project, Sue's Little Gems, which you need to visit if you love unique, handmade jewellery.

My name is Stephanie, I'm 23 and I'm based in Hertfordshire. I run 'Hope, Freedom, Love' which is a beauty and lifestyle blog. 'Hope, Freedom, Love' is three years old and it's the best hobby I could wish for. If you like daily content then I'm the blog for you, as I post every single day at 7am! I write about everything that interests me; from new makeup releases, hauls and reviews, to recipes, life updates and fun things to do! I love meeting and chatting to fellow bloggers and readers, so please come by and visit!

Hi all! I'm Jasmin and I blog over at jasmincharlotte.com - I am a kiwi living in London with a confused accent and a diet coke addiction. I can't keep my feet in the same country for long, could likely eat my body weight in cheese and am always looking for ways to make me and others happier! I blog all about lifestyle, including food, travel, London adventures, technology and occasionally beauty. Come and say hi! JC xx

SMALL ADVERTISERS: Chantel from Chantel Dione and Sue's Little Gems

For more details on my advertising packages head over to this page, or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Have you seen my new YouTube video? You can watch it here: the "This or That" tag!

17 Mar 2015

UNIVERSITY: 5 Common Misconceptions of Fashion Business Courses

fashion business course students misconceptions

If there's one thing that annoys me in life it's when people form stupid judgements about my current course based on the title alone. I'm not quite sure how, but "Fashion Management" somehow translates to "looking at clothes all day" in the minds of many. I wish it was that simple! Like any degree, so much work goes in to it. Just because I chose to study a course with the word "fashion" in the title does not mean that my degree has any less value! Ever since reading this (quite poorly) written article this topic has been gnawing away at the back of my mind - it really annoys me that people want to devalue what I work hard for. This is a pretty common conversation for me and in my true ranting form I thought I'd share a few of the things that really grind my gears in relation to my course.

Whilst this may be true for some, it's definitely an exception as opposed to the norm. Both business and design students - that I know at least - are often considerably more cultured and passionate about a variety of causes and subjects. On a personal level, I've had people assume that my course was "all I could get in to" when my school results say otherwise. I could've picked from so many courses but I chose to study fashion. Whilst it's true, we like clothes, we also like other things too. Our "passion for fashion" extends to so many other things... like my hatred of the phrase "passion for fashion".  Issues like sustainability, child labour and animal rights often come up in our lectures and are some crucial talking points for the fashion industry.

If there's one thing that Hillary's Crafternoon taught me it's that my sewing skills leave a hell of a lot to be desired. Although I've loved fashion for years now it's been quite obvious to me from the start that design & production really aren't my strong points and as much as I admire the talent of Fashion Design students I am so not cut out for that. We do a bit of design on my course - still a lot more than I'd like - but my skills extend as far as computer assisted design and making dresses out of paper. I don't think you'll be seeing my designs on their way down the catwalk any time soon...

Picture this: you've just been introduced to a friend of a friend, and the subject of your degree comes up in the typical idle small talk. "Oh, I study fashion management." "That's cool, can you make me something to wear?" "No, sorry, I don't do design, we do business.." "Oh right... Okay. Well can you tell me what to wear next year then?". Standard conversation. Sure, I could tell you, but you'll have forgotten by then anyway. If I'm being honest this is more of a personal pet hate of mine, maybe I should start charging these people for my advice and start up my own lucrative styling business. In my dreams, eh?

Clothes are clothes, right? Well yes, there is a limit to how much fashion history one person can take, but like I said before we don't just study clothes. Examples of my previous module subjects have been fashion communication (journalism), events management, store design, marketing & advertising and my current favourite: consumer behaviour. We learn a lot. Our degree is multidisciplinary and I love being able to dip my toes in to so many different worlds - it's helped me know more about myself, my strengths and what I want to do. One of the courses I've applied to would allow me to choose so many other modules, such as German, to study alongside all of those clothes that I apparently spend my life learning about.

Sadly, my course is not all glitz and glam. Although unlike many other courses I would look a bit out of place if I turned up to one of my lecturers in leggings and a hoody - I've made that mistake before - and there are people who I swear never wear flat shoes; the reality of my course is that a lot of hard work, sweat and many, many tears go in to the end result. I spend hours of my life cursing at software that just will not work for me, cutting and sticking tiny bits of paper to make moodboard after moodboard and pulling the odd all nighter to get that 3000 word report on a pair of jeans finished. Yeah. That was a tough one, there's only so many words you can use to describe the quality of denim. Last semester we had to put  together photo shoots for our magazine and whilst the finished result is lovely and glossy spending the day in the wind and rain around Aberdeen's harbour getting soaked by giant waves is a little bit more rough and tumble than you'd like. Cold hands all round.

fashion student photoshoot aberdeen beach
Photos by Jess Christie
Even though I might be changing my academic path slightly, I still love the business side of the fashion industry. It's such a diverse field full of talented individuals and it's one I'd be pretty grateful to be a part of. 

Do you or have you undertaken a course that people don't quite seem to understand? I'd love to hear your side of things as I think there are a fair few courses that don't get the reputation they deserve!


16 Mar 2015

RECIPE: Chocolate Easter Nests

chocolate shredded wheat nests easter

chocolate shredded wheat nests easter

Did you know that you can buy mini Mini Eggs? I didn't either until recently! They are seriously adorable and ideal for making fake nests out of chocolate. Very festive. I always remember making these in school the day before the Easter Holidays and coming home with pockets full of the little yellow fluffy chickens that we used for decoration. Oops.

1 packet mini Mini Eggs (or normal Mini Eggs!)
300g milk chocolate
100g Shredded Wheat

These are so easy to make it's unreal, all you have to do is melt the chocolate and pour it over crushed shredded wheat and then spoon the mixture in to cupcake cases or a lined muffin tray. Before popping them in the fridge to set decorate with your miniaturised chocolate egg of choice! I think this recipe works best with the larger size of Shredded Wheat but I used mini Shredded Wheat (to match my mini Mini Eggs) and it worked out just as well too. For something a bit different, you could use orange flavoured chocolate to create chocolate orange nests - yum!

In other news, I finally got round to uploading a video on to my YouTube channel for the first time in nearly two years! I'm planning on uploading more content in the future so be sure to subscribe so you're the first to know when it's up. In the mean time I'd love for you to watch my attempt at the "This Or That" tag and let me know what you think.

What's your favourite Easter recipe? I still love this White Chocolate Mini Egg Rocky Road from last year


12 Mar 2015

FOOD: February Degustabox

february degustabox review uk blog

That time again?! Yup. Sometimes I feel like all I do is talk about food, but I really like food so it makes sense that it features a lot. After the shambles that was the Cohorted Beauty Box I was pretty damn excited for the arrival of my Degustabox* as it is yet to let me down. My mum had said to me that this box was her favourite yet (although I think she says that most months) so I was starting out with some high expectations yet again.

february degustabox review uk blog

Starting out on a high note, these Schwartz flavour shots have very quickly become a bit of an essential in my cupboard. These are essentially small tubs of flavoured oils and spices that can be used to make a variety of meals such as sweet and sour chicken, fajitas and curry. I received a mild Masala pot and one for paella but I'm keeping an eye out for the creamy herb tagliatelle too! At the beginning of the week I made a paella using the flavour shot and it was so delicious. I love cooking but as I don't have a lot of the spices and things required in my flat these are a great way for me to save money without going for a ready meal.

february degustabox review uk blog

Sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn't really like peanuts all that much... they're just not for me. I'd seen the Peanut Hottie drink before so knew from the off that I wouldn't like it but as my mum loves peanuts it's going to be heading to a good home. The three nut butter from Whole Earth was a little bit more up my street as it'll make a great addition to my smoothies in the future.

february degustabox review uk blog

When I first read the flavour of this Laimon Fresh drink I was so sure it wouldn't be for me, but since trying it I've been drinking litres of the stuff. Lemon, lime & mint may seem like an odd combination to some but there's something about it that I find incredibly refreshing without tasting like drinking a bottle of Sprite after brushing my teeth. I'm someone who rarely drinks fizzy drinks but this stuff is so good!

february degustabox review uk blog

For some strange reason I ate the Jack Link's Beef Snack as soon as I opened the box and I soon regretted it. I'd never had anything beef jerky like before so didn't know what to expect, but I know it's one I'll be avoiding in the future! I can't really explain what it is I didn't like, possibly the super synthetic meat flavour or the odd texture, but it's not my cup of tea. On the other hand, the Beet It snack bars were also a weird combination that worked. I hate beetroot - whilst the rest of my family loves it - however I really enjoyed this bar as it was a lot sweeter and less earthy than I had originally expected.

february degustabox review uk blog

How cute is that little food owl?! Aaah. It's been a while since I've had any Melba toast but I really enjoy snacking on it (especially with some cheese) so this massive box was a very welcome addition to my cupboard.

february degustabox review uk blog

When having a nosey around other people's boxes before mine arrived I had spied a few that had a tub of chocolate brownies, so I was a little bit sad that I got Lemon Cake Bites from the American Muffin Company instead. However all was not lost as I didn't get muffins, which was a win in my eyes! These little individually wrapped cakes are both gluten and wheat free without being that dry, stodgy way that gluten free cakes often are. I do enjoy lemon cake so I did enjoy these - I'm just a chocoholic to the core! That brings me on quite neatly to the final product from this month's box...

february degustabox review uk blog

Okay so I definitely saved the best for last! Lily O'Brien's is one of my favourite chocolate brands - aside from good ol' Cadbury's - so I was delighted to find a pouch of Cocoa Cookie Crunch in this month's box! It's very safe to say that they didn't last long and have been entirely devoured. The second these hit the shelves in my local supermarket I will be snatching up a few more packets. So good.

If you're fed up of disappointing beauty boxes then why not sign up for Degustabox? Having a box full of food delivered to your door each month never stops being a delight. If you fancy giving it a go then you can use the code B6HF1 for £3 off your first box - you won't regret it.

What do you think of this month's box?

11 Mar 2015


glasses direct home trial london retro

glasses direct home trial london retro

glasses direct home trial london retro ohara

glasses direct home trial london retro

glasses direct home trial london retro ohara

Admission time. A while ago I sat on my glasses... and they broke. Oops. Since then I'd been struggling along with some £1 Primark badboys and probably damaging my eyes even more in the process but now everything has changed thanks to Glasses Direct.

I was very kindly offered a pair of glasses from the new London Retro range but wasn't too sure what frame would suit my face thanks to my delightfully chubby cheeks. Luckily Glasses Direct offer a free home trial and so after a few clicks four pairs of glasses were winging their way to me to try out. I can't even express how grateful I am for this, because it gave me the chance to try out the frames in the comfort of my room to get the best idea of which pair was right for me. It also meant I could take a wee selfie or seven to send to my pals and see what they thought too - bonus!

In the end I settled on the Ohara frames in red* and boy are they great. I had forgotten how nice it was to actually be able to, y'know, read things. Which is kind of important! I think the red frame works really well as it's dark without being as harsh as a black frame would be. At first I wasn't 100% sure on the size as they are a wee bit bigger than my last pair, but now I have fallen head over heels and have had plenty of compliments on them, which is always a win. Plus my favourite character in Nurse Jackie is Dr Ohara and now I feel like I can truly embody her sass and strength to my full potential. The quality of these glasses is just impeccable and they also come with a super cute case to keep them safe. Hopefully I won't sit on these!

Glasses Direct also offer a great range of designer glasses in their boutique section and it's fair to say that I have my eye on a fair few pairs should I ever need a back up. Overall I'm seriously impressed with how easy and quick the service was to use, especially as in the past I had been a little reluctant to order my glasses online! I cannot recommend it enough as it's an ideal way to find your perfect pair.


10 Mar 2015

EVENT: Hillary's Crafternoon

the butterfy and pig glasgow

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

hillarys blinds crafting event blog

At the weekend I was luckily invited to attend a little crafting workshop with Hillary's Blinds and The Crafty Hen for the final stop of their Craft Roadshow in Glasgow. It was hosted by the ever-so-fabulous team at Joe Blogs, who put on some of the best events I've attended in my time spent blogging!

After a bit of a disastrous time trying to get parked in what felt like the busiest car park ever I headed (read: sprinted) down to the Butterfly & Pig tearooms on Bath Street. I'd visited the pub part of the Butterfly & Pig before but never the tearooms, and after seeing the beautiful decor and sampling some AMAZING cake I know I will definitely be heading back for a spot of high tea as soon as possible.

For the event itself we were tasked with making our own little notebook cover and 3D bird using the gorgeous fabrics from Hillary's latest range. Despite being a student on a fashion related course my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired - I should really get practising! To be fair I thought I'd be a lot worse, and despite my little bird leaving that day requiring some extensive surgery I managed to fix him up when I got home. I'm sure my cat will love him!

One of the best things about events is getting to meet new people and catch up with blogging friends too, so it was great to spend the afternoon getting crafty and having a good ol' chat with some fab people! Events like these always remind me how thankful I am for starting my blog as it's opened up so many new paths for me and led to some amazing friendships that I couldn't imagine myself without. I maintain that there should be a meet-up soon however I take no responsibility in organising it as we would all just end up at a cat cafe - not that that's always a bad thing!

Once again, a massive shout out to the lovely team at Joe Blogs network for putting on another great event. I can't wait for the next one in Glasgow, especially considering that burgers have been mentioned...
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