BEAUTY: TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray

Haute Iron heat protection spray – Catwalk by TIGI
via Hairtrade*
As someone with coloured hair who likes to “tame” it a fair bit heat protection is something that I look for in a lot of products, however it’s been a long time that I’ve used a dedicated heat protection spray. Oops. I just figured I was putting so much in my hair already that I didn’t want to weigh it down anymore! However now that I’ve found this beautifully lightweight formula from TIGI I don’t think I can really use that excuse any more…
This spray claims to offer heat protection up to 232 degrees celsius which is oddly specific, however my curling wand operates at 210 when used at full heat, I tend to use it at medium, so this definitely covers my bases. It also states that it will improve the strength of your hair and seal the cuticles, leaving it strong and shiny. My hair has been noticeably shinier when styled after using this and feels considerably softer too but I have fairly weak hair and haven’t noticed much in the way of strength after two weeks use.
The packaging itself is a tall sleek bottle with an aerosol nozzle, making it ideal for providing a light, even spread of the product. I had expected a spritz style spray over an aerosol however after getting used to it I definitely prefer the ease of use given by the aerosol nozzle. The product smells absolutely beautiful, like the typical sweet scent of a hairdresser’s salon, but it doesn’t linger too long in the hair. It sounds silly, but this is ideal for me as I’ve grown to hate the smell of product in my hair and I 100% blame excessive use of VO5 when I was at high school and straightened my hair every day for that. 
When I use this I like to be quite generous with the ends of my hair as that’s where most heat is applied and I’m a bit more stingy with my roots. I feel like an excess of this at the roots may make my hair greasy as opposed to shiny, but I still need that little splash of heat protection. Since starting to use this I’ve noticed a real difference in the condition of my hair, it’s more manageable when styling, shinier and just that little bit softer – ideal for someone with typically dry, coarse curls. 
On Hairtrade, a large 200ml bottle of this retails for £15.50 however at the moment it’s down to a bargain £7.48. This may seem a bit pricey when compared to many drug store brands however compared to heat protectors I’ve tried in the past I’d say it’s 100% worth it and you should get it while you can!