LIFE: Little things to make a bad day better

Run a bath and soak the stress away in a sea of bubbles
Light your favourite candle, even if it is that stupidly expensive one.
Listen to your favourite song and sing your heart out, no matter how bad you think your voice is
Dance in the kitchen and don’t even think about who might see
Have a hot drink, ideally with lots of marshmallows & cream
Read your favourite book no matter how many times you’ve already done so
Watch cute animal videos, cute cats make the world go round
Make a nest of pillows and spend the day in it
Put on your most loved pyjamas that are usually reserved for Sunday TV on the couch sessions
Go to bed early, tomorrow is a new day
Have a wander and soak in some fresh air
Indulge in some trash tv – sometimes an episode or seven of the Kardashians can have healing powers
Write a letter to yourself, a friend, or someone that’s not quite so loved anymore. Then rip it up.
Phone a friend even if it’s just to say hi, ask how their day is going or tell them that you love them
Watch the world through your window
Eat something delicious, cheese is highly recommended
Treat yourself, that new lipstick will look so damn good
Have a nap… or sleep. Either works.
Cut yourself some slack, no one can be perfect all of the time. You are you, and you are important.

How do you like to cheer yourself up on a bad day?


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