OUTFIT: Caught in the eye of a hurricane

Top – Primark
Skirt – Blue Vanilla*
Belt – Matalan
Boots – New Look
Sometimes I plan these outfits in my head that just don’t translate quite as I had imagined in person, but this outfit was definitely not one of them. The second this gorgeous skirt from Blue Vanilla popped through my door I was getting changed in to it and fell in love with this combination pretty much instantly. The print is similar to one that I’ve spotted floating around Topshop a fair amount recently so I think it’s an absolute steal at £12! I bought the top on a bit of a whim as I liked that it had a high neckline without being overly polo neck-y (technical term) which I don’t think I suit. I’ve been wearing this top nearly constantly since I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I think I should really go and buy the other colours too!
I’ve been figuring out some pretty important stuff lately so right now I’m feeling seriously relieved. A decision had been playing on my mind for quite a long time and now it’s all over and done with. One of my resolutions this year was to be a bit happier and I think this will make a massive impact on my happiness. I’m not entirely sure if I’m 100% ready to share the ins & outs right now but possibly in the future! It might be kind of annoying of me to lure you in like that but I just can’t escape this massive feeling of relief, a serious cloud has been lifted.
In other exciting news there will be a little giveaway going live on here tomorrow! It’s just a small thank you for those of you who take the time to read my rambles and one of my favourite brands have very generously donated a great bundle for one lucky person to win. Keep your eyes peeled…