4 Feb 2015

BEAUTY: Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumzel by Soap & Glory

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in shade "Raplumzel" - £8 from Soap & Glory

Lately I've not been able to get enough of lip crayons and my current favourite is the popular offering from Soap & Glory, the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss sticks. Having received one of the lip lacquers for Christmas I had high hopes for the lip crayon and luckily I was not disappointed!

The main appeal of lip crayons for me is the sheer ease of application and this is the perfect example. In just one easy swipe you get a wash of colour that lasts for hours with minimal need for top ups. The colour itself is considerably less opaque than it appears in the bullet which is great for someone like me who isn't quite up for a high maintenance super bold lip just yet. 

The formula itself is very moisturising and has a glossy finish without the annoying stickiness of a typical lipgloss. If anything, these apply much like a lip balm, with little transferring and an even fade throughout the day. These don't drag at all and the sheer colour is somewhat buildable if you'd rather a slightly more pigmented result. Much like the lip lacquers these have a lovely vanilla scent that's not all too distant from that of the Mac lipsticks. 

Considering how easy this lip crayon is to use it's ideal to pop in to my bag for touch ups throughout the day, which is something I've certainly been doing lately! It's pretty fair to say that this is just another excellent product to add to my ever growing list of much loved offerings from Soap & Glory's cosmetics range.


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