5 Feb 2015

OUTFIT: A thousand miles from comfort

how to style a fur gilet

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rose gold statement necklace
Dress - French Connection via Vinted*
Gilet - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Mint Velvet via House of Fraser* (out of stock)

Let's ignore the fact that I intended to post outfits a lot more regularly this year and that this is only the first I've posted so far... agreed? 

Moving on.

At the end of the month I'm heading to London for Fashion Weekend so I'm trying to up my game when it comes to outfits. I need to step out of my comfort zone and really figure out what actually suits me and what just does not work. This lovely dress from Vinted has been a big part of this little goal I've set myself as it's a bit different from my usual choice but not so totally out there that I'm scared to wear it. Paired with this stunning rose gold statement necklace (still not over rose gold) from House of Fraser and my fur gilet that was a Christmas present I think it makes a pretty cute outfit that would be nice for a family lunch or tea! Plus I think I could totally rock it with my denim jacket and smaller ankle boots too, or dress it up with a pair of killer heels and a blazer. Versatility is key! I hate to admit it but this dress makes me feel kind of like a grown up, which is a weird feeling for someone with a baby face who stands at a very intimidating 5 foot 

My second semester of the year started this week so it's been a bit weird trying to settle in to university life once again, despite my full timetable not kicking in until next week. My timetable isn't all that different to last year but, luckily, I don't have any 9am starts at all. Massive win. Aside from university I have been totally binge watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix and I'm just about to start watching Community - time well spent I'd say.

How is your week going - anything exciting?


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