LIFE: 5 Misconceptions About Bloggers

Recently, more and more people that I know in “real life” are becoming aware of my blog and some just get it straight away, but some don’t. I suppose if it’s not a world you’re used to then it might be difficult to understand! Along the way I’ve encountered a fair few misconceptions about the world of blogging that I thought a lot of you might be able to relate to…


Well yes, we write some words and take some pretty photographs then stick them all in a post and hit publish – but that’s far from the end of it. Sometimes I spend hours researching my posts, reading other reviews, testing products or looking for new ways to do things and that’s all before I’ve even written it! I spend a lot of time writing my posts as I’m sure other bloggers do too. As well as that there’s the promotion, networking, replying to e-mails, planning posts, posting my breakfast on Instagram… need I go on? For some blogging is a lifestyle, it can be a 24/7 job maintaining an online profile across a multitude of platforms! There’s a lot going on “behind the scenes” when it comes to blogging and sometimes people who aren’t familiar with it all don’t realise just how much work goes in to that one little post you wrote.


Okay, we all know that there are some serious perks to blogging. It’s no secret. With the growing popularity of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food or any other types of blogs recently it’s fair to say that there are a minority who might be in it for the wrong reasons – but not everyone. It’s pretty annoying for it to be suggested that all of my hard work & time is just so I can try out that new lipstick everyone’s raving about, or go to that launch of a perfume that’s about to be released – I write my blog because I love it. Anything else is just a massive bonus.


Oh, so you post your selfies on a website that’s all about you and your life? Damn, that’s narcissistic.

While to the “untrained eye” it may appear that all bloggers are self absorbed I’d say on the whole that’s ridiculously far from the truth. Yes, you’ll have your odd exception, but usually blog posts are there to help people. Fancy trying a new mascara? Read those reviews. Not sure how to style that oddly shaped fur gilet that was a total impulse buy? Check out some outfit posts for inspiration! Of course there’s a minor element of narcissism to this kind of thing, but in general bloggers are some of the least self obsessed people you will meet.


Heh. Well, not often! It is winter and it is freezing. Typically though, I think that blogging sometimes encourages us to live more. I know for a fact that I’ll often make myself try something new – be it a restaurant, day out or just a new outfit – because it can make good content. I spend a lot of time on the big bad internet but thanks to that I have met amazing people, done some pretty cool things and also found loads of exciting ideas to just generally have a bit more fun. Personally, I used to lack in confidence and would much rather spend my day hiding away playing The Sims for hours on end, but this blog has changed my life for the better and in ways that I never would have expected – I bet a lot of you would agree.


I think it’s safe to say we’re all guilty of occasionally taking a few more selfies than necessary just to find the perfect angle. Add in the multitude of filters, perfectly tidy houses and impeccably styled outfits and you would be forgiven for believing that we all live charmed lives. That’s not always true. Sometimes I tidy one corner of my room just so I can take my photos there, then I dump the pile of clothes back on the floor once I’ve finished. That photo may look well put together, but the chances are there are hundreds of practically identical ones that didn’t quite make the cut. Not everyone shares all of their life on their blog, I for one do edit to an extent. I’m not dishonest, I just don’t like to be overly negative on here. I don’t think you’d like to hear me moan about how cold it is or how all I have in my fridge is cheese on a daily basis – am I right?! Don’t be getting yourself down about how “perfect” everyone else’s life seems, comparison is the thief of joy and chances are you’ll never know the full story.

Are there any other misconceptions that really grind your gears when it comes to blogging?