12 Feb 2015

Meet My February Advertisers

Why hello! I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you all to the lovely lot who are over in my sidebar this month. I'm very grateful for them choosing to advertise with me as it's the first month I've properly given it a go! I currently have a couple of spaces left if anyone is interested, there are more details here.

Hi all! I'm Jasmin and I blog over at jasmincharlotte.com - I am a kiwi living in London with a confused accent and a diet coke addiction. I can't keep my feet in the same country for long, could likely eat my body weight in cheese and am always looking for ways to make me and others happier! I blog all about lifestyle, including food, travel, London adventures, technology and occasionally beauty. Come and say hi! JC xx

Hellooo I'm Annalouise-m and I'm pretty much a lifestyle blog. However I also include a number of beauty posts, as who doesn't love beauty right?! I have a chocolate Labrador who I include a photo of in every post and has has been the star of a few of my posts now. So if you have a bit of time or you want something to read then head over to http://annalouise-m.blogspot.co.uk/ and if you also love lots of pictures of a cute dogs then I have plenty of a gorgeous Labrador :)

My small advertiser this month is Eilidh from Velvet Winter,

Be sure to check out all of their fabulous blogs! Well worth a follow. If you fancy advertising with me in the future (or even this month, I have 1 large & 2 small spots left!) then you can find out a few more details here.

Fancy winning a haircare bundle from John Frieda? 
Check out my latest giveaway here.

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