LIFE: Living life through a filtered lens

In a culture that is dominated by the number of likes you receive on a photo and how many people follow your 140 character life updates I would say it’s pretty understandable that some people misconceive bloggers as people who are living the “perfect” life. Gone are the days of film photography and now we have the ability to snap away to our hearts desire, selecting only the best shot to share. With a plethora of editing options at our finger tips it’s so easy to brighten up your life that little bit more, make that grass seem that little bit greener and your skin that little bit clearer.

More often than not the carefully selected snapshots shared with you are not entirely indicative of what goes on behind the screen and so the advent of “Instagram Envy” seems like an increasingly worrying concept. This constant battle to appear perfectly Pinterest worthy can be exhausting and so is something that I am trying to avoid. Yes, I do enjoy a certain visual aesthetic when it comes to some photos and that’s clear in a lot of the accounts that I follow however not everything in life comes with perfect lighting and a brilliant white background.

I spend a typical day lounging about in my pyjamas watching Netflix, not tidying my room and leaving my dishes to “soak” before washing them. I tidy one corner of my room to take blog photos in and I dress my food up for photos. I am the annoying friend who wants to Instagram their cocktail/dinner/dessert before starting it and I don’t always have a full face of make up on. I have good days and bad days and some in between, my hair isn’t always quite perfect and a lot of the time my dinner is just an oven pizza. Just because I don’t share these things doesn’t mean they don’t happen. There is more to life than what you see on the screen.

I’m not entirely sure where I wanted to go with this post, but I feel like my main point that I’m trying to make is that nobody is perfect. Everyone is different in their own ways, their individual skills and unique tastes. Just because someone posts a multitude of pretty posed photographs on a social media profile doesn’t mean that their life is all rainbows and roses and I feel like that is something that should be respected. Don’t beat yourself up about not having the most popular “theme” or feed, just let yourself shine through and people should respect you for that.

As someone who used to be obsessed with finding the perfect Instagram shot I struggle to let myself post a photo that I deem not quite good enough, so in order to snap myself out of it – as it’s only an app after all – I decided to take part in the increasingly popular #100happydays on my Instagram. More often than not my photos are of my less than exciting meals or maybe what I’m watching on Netflix whilst snuggled up in bed but I’ve been enjoying the challenge as not only is it encouraging me to get over my love of flat lays but also find the happiness in what seems to be an unhappy day.

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