FOOD: January Degustabox

Nowadays the arrival of my Degustabox* is pretty much the highlight of my month. Food delivered to my door? Yes please! I think that this month’s box has been the best yet and I’ve been absolutely loving trying it all. Surprisingly there was only one product that I wasn’t too keen on this month with the rest being pretty impressive.

The Little Miracles drinks have been in a box before and I loved them then, so I was quite happy to see them appear again this month! These are tea based drinks which tick a lot of boxes for me. The White Tea, Ginseng & Cherry flavour was in a previous box and is one I purchase quite regularly but I hadn’t tried the Black Tea, Ginseng & Peach which is a new favourite. It tastes just like peach ice tea and is seriously delicious.

At first I wasn’t too impressed to see these crispbreads from Finn Crisp but they’ve actually been pleasantly surprising. They make a nice alternative to bread for lunch and are pretty nice dipped in to soup! I’m not sure if I’d go for them again as I am such a bread lover but it was a pleasant change.

This month’s box was intended as a “healthy” box so I’m slightly ashamed to say that the first thing I thought of when I saw the coconut milk from Koko was making Pina Coladas… I’ve been using both the coconut milk & aloe vera drink for my morning smoothies and they make a great addition. Plus I guess they’re pretty healthy too! The coconut milk is apparently good for making pancakes too,

I think these noodles from Kabuto were possibly the best thing in the box for me. My mum had mentioned that these were pretty good so I had high hopes from the start. As soon as I took this photo I had the kettle on ready to scoff them for my lunch. These were absolutely bursting with flavour and made a delicious lunch – so much so that I’ve purchased a couple of these to take in to university for my lunch.

Another highlight for me was the inclusion of these little porridge pots from Mornflake. They’re so easy to make and really creamy despite being made with water. If I have an early morning (which luckily I don’t have too many of this semester) these are ideal for a filling breakfast with minimal effort.

As I mentioned before there was only really one disappointing product this month and that was the piccalilli from Haywards. Personally I think that mustard tastes like bleach so anything that has mustard in is an absolute no go for me! I was quite impressed to see a cake mix that’s free from sugar, gluten & wheat included as it’s always nice to have an alternative when baking for people with intolerances.

The lemon green tea from Clipper was a little extra gift this month and has joined quite a vast collection of teas in my cupboard. I don’t find this to be overly lemon-y so I end up adding a bit extra lemon juice however it’s still bearable! I’m yet to jump on the whole green tea obsession but I don’t mind it from time to time.

Finally the berry cider from Magners was a very welcome addition. Fruity & refreshing, yet not too fizzy for me which is a big bonus. It’s the kind of drink I wouldn’t mind having with my dinner after work on a Saturday night – which is a bit of a rarity for me! The rice bran oil by Alfa One is fantastic too as I like that it’s a simple substitution to make when cooking but it still makes a substantial difference to my health.

So there we go, another great month from Degustabox! I’m seriously impressed with this one, it’s introduced me to some great brands such as Kabuto. If you fancy giving Degustabox a go for yourself you can get £3 off with the code “B6HF1” on the website.