17 Feb 2015

OUTFIT: Let me take you past our satellites

Skirt - ASOS via eBay
Necklace - House of Fraser* (similar here)
Shoes - New Look

In all honesty I never thought I would wear this skirt as it was kind of an accidental purchase. Originally I had intended to use it for my Halloween costume but it was the totally wrong colour so I had meant to return it but forgot... story of my life. When I found it one day whilst tidying my room I realise it would go with this top from a local Glasgow brand, Abandon Ship Apparel, that I got for Christmas pretty well! It's a little bit too big but that's nothing a safety pin can't fix. I've really been enjoying wearing this top as it works well with a lot of my wardrobe whilst adding a much needed pop of colour, much like this beautiful necklace from House of Fraser. I actually wore it out for dinner on Valentine's Day with my black leather skirt and I loved the combination so much that it might end up coming to London with me!

Speaking of London, I am so excited. I just wish next week would hurry up! Things are starting to get a little bit busy in the run up what with getting blog posts sorted and just generally organising myself but luckily I have a weekend off work afterwards which should help me to recover. After a busy weekend last week I'm desperate for a quiet weekend! This week I have a night out for a friends birthday, as well as a dinner and my usual university bits and bobs. 

See, thinking about it I've not actually been overly busy despite feeling like I've had a non-stop couple of weeks... However I have been blasting my way through Community which I managed to finish in just under two weeks. I'm seriously in love with it! I need my six seasons and a movie desperately... Bring on March 17th. I'm not sure what I should watch next though, any suggestions?


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