BEAUTY: Umberto Giannini Create A Curl Gift Set

umberto giannini create a curl kit review
Create a Curl gift set by Umberto Giannini – Was £16 reduced to £8 in Boots (now sold out) 
This year I kinda vowed not to go totally crazy in the post-Christmas sales until I got paid (hurry up Friday!) and I’ve actually been reasonably good… However when I was in Boots one day to kill a bit of time I spotted one of these gift sets in their half price sale and practically ran to the till with it! I used to have an absolutely amazing curl defining spray from Umberto Giannini that I bought over and over again but it sadly appears to have been discontinued, leaving a rather large gap in my haircare routine. On a trip to Boots a few weeks ago I had spotted the Curl Friends Nourishing Oil and did quite fancy it, but wasn’t feeling spending £8 on it at the time. Luckily this set comes with a full size bottle as well as shampoo, conditioner, a scrunching jelly and a wide tooth comb (can never have enough of them) for the same price. Total bargain.
umberto giannini curl friends conditioner
Pure Curls Detangling shampoo – £6 for 250ml
Bouncy Curls Curl Enhancing conditioner – £5.50 for 250ml

When choosing shampoo & conditioner I usually go for the “nourishing” or “repair” options as my hair is quite dry and damaged thanks to lots of colouring. I change my shampoo & conditioner on a regular but hadn’t yet tried these two from Umberto Giannini. I had high hopes for these as they are targeted at my hair “type” and I’m pretty impressed so far. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean but not in that horrible over-stripped way and didn’t seem to leave any significant build up. Whilst I did like the conditioner I feel like the Intensive version  would maybe be a better choice for my hair as it didn’t feel as soft as normal. My only major issue with these products is the design of the bottle which both have incredibly slippy twist caps which once removed exposes the opening where you need to pour the product from. I feel like I waste a lot of product this way so would much prefer to see different packaging, it’s so damn hard to open in the shower!

umberto giannini curl friends scrunching jelly review
Ultimate Curls nourishing oil – £8 for 125ml
Create a Curl scrunching jelly – £6 for 200ml (50ml tube shown)

The oil was what originally drew me to the kit as I was really interested to see how it would fare with my hair. I apply this quite generously when my hair is damp which results in my hair feeling so much softer (especially at the ends) and my curls being a fair bit smoother – especially when used in conjunction with the shampoo & conditioner. My hair loves coconut oil so this is perfect! It still doesn’t replace the curl spray shaped hole in my life but it’s definitely a permanent addition to my haircare routine and at £8 it isn’t all that expensive. The pump applicator on this is SO much better than that of the shampoo & conditioner, it dispenses a reasonable amount of product at a time and is much easier to use.

I don’t really use scrunching jellies as it’s not something I feel like my hair really needs however this is quite nifty if I don’t have time to properly style my hair after washing but have to have it looking somewhat respectable. It’s sticky, but not overly so, and leaves my curls defined and shiny with less frizz. This is the only product in the set that isn’t full sized but if I’m honest that really doesn’t bother me all that much!

Have you tried anything from Umberto Giannini before? I really miss the curl spray… A lot. If you couldn’t already tell.