27 Jan 2015


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I spend a fair bit of time watching TV, but I often find myself re-indulging in programmes that I already know and love... like House and Gossip Girl. The list of TV shows that I want to watch is constantly growing and I think it's about time that I started making my way through the list. Quite a few of these series are available on Netflix so I don't really have an excuse...

I think that the DVD boxset of A Bit of Fry & Laurie might be my payday treat next month, but as I'm going to London at the end of the month I should really be saving every penny for that! However seeing as I bought myself a bed at the weekend and I think it's only right that I find a fabulous new series to watch in order to justify spending all of my time making a nest of blankets and not moving all day!

What TV shows have caught your eye recently? Any recommendations for a must watch series? If it stars Hugh Laurie then that's a massive bonus, I can't wait for his next show with Tom Hiddleston to come out!


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