FOOD: Three Sisters Bake, Killearn

Yup, another post about food. I’m not even slightly sorry. I love going out to eat and trying new places so it makes sense that it would be something I’d share a lot! This year I want to try and post a lot more foodie pieces be it restaurant reviews or recipes and so far I’m not doing all that bad.
It’s my mums birthday on Saturday and I thought it would be a nice idea to take her & my brother for lunch, last year I took her for afternoon tea which she loved! I spotted a deal for Three Sisters Bake on Itison and after hearing so much about their catering & cafes I figured it would be an ideal choice for lunch. Three Sisters Bake have a cafe in Quarriers Village and one in Killearn, with the latter being about a half hour’s drive from where I stay. The drive to Killearn is really lovely, especially in the snow, and the views from the cafe itself were fantastic too. Much like the food…

The Itison deal entitled us to a two course meal and at first I was a bit worried as to a lack of choice or small portions. I was so wrong. For our starters my brother & I both opted for leek, potato & vanilla soup and were presented with an absolutely massive bowl which I got nowhere near finishing. Vanilla might seem like a bit of a strange addition to soup but it was barely noticeable with the soup tasting like a slightly sweeter version of the classic leek & potato that I love. My mum went for smoked mackerel pate which she demolished. Mackerel isn’t really my thing but from what I tasted it seemed quite fresh and not all that bad for someone who’s favoured fish is exclusively tuna.

I’m practically drooling again just looking at our mains – but if you think they look good then wait for the desserts! My choice was a toasted bagel with chorizo, cream cheese, rocket & roast tomato which was delicious. My mum decided against a sandwich and opted for the homemade tartlet of the day which – if I remember correctly – was leek, cheddar & mustard. I was pretty tempted by this too! Finally my brother selected a bacon & brie toastie with tomato & apple chutney. This was totally devoured too, so I’d say it was a very successful choice. Now for the main event…

The cakes weren’t included in the Itison deal, but when visiting a place founded by people renowned for their baking how could we resist?! My brother had a sickly sweet empire biscuit that was just too big for one sitting and we ended up bringing home. I may or may not have finished it off for him whilst writing this post… So good. The apple cake with maple icing caught my mum’s eye and she’s been raving about it since! Then, my meringue. I ordered this expecting just a little meringue with a splash of sauce and a splattering of cream but then a towering mountain of sugar arrived. Hey – I did not complain! It was so, so, so beautiful, albeit filling. By this point my belt was well and truly off and I spent the rest of the night absolutely stuffed.

So all in all I’d say that Three Sisters Bake was a very successful choice. The setting was perfect, with incredibly friendly staff and beautiful views across the snowy countryside. I’m already desperate to return for afternoon tea and after checking out their breakfast menu I have my heart set on the toasted banana & raspberry bread, mmmm. The Three Sisters Bake cook book may possibly have also ended up in my basket on Amazon…

If you’re ever looking for somewhere to head for lunch I would wholeheartedly recommend giving Three Sisters Bake a visit. It’s the perfect location for a lazy weekend lunch and I hear the brownies are to die for too. For more information you can head over to their website here.