HEALTH: 5 reasons you should drink more water and easy ways to do it

ways to drink more water

I seem to always forget to hydrate myself regularly which often leaves me feeling run down and sluggish with a massive headache. It’s stupid really considering how simple the solution is – a glass of water! Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to drink more water which in the past was something I just ignored and I’m really noticing the difference it makes to how I feel. I’ve never been a big fan of fizzy drinks so I don’t crave them like some people do, but I know a lot of diluting juices are quite sugary too. There are so many benefits to drinking more water but here are five starting points to push you towards the tap:

One of the main benefits that seems to come alongside increased levels of H2O consumption is clearer skin. Over the winter period my skin became quite dull and lacklustre, then the Christmas chocolates lead to breakouts aplenty. Now that I’ve been drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day my skin is starting to get a bit of it’s glow back, with my breakouts banished and a pop more spring in my cheeks. Drinking water helps to flush out the toxins associated with numerous skin nightmares such as spots, so if they are something that plagues you then it could be worthwhile reaching for a glass of water.

Right now I’m (kind of) studying for my final exam of my first semester which takes place next Thursday. It seems silly, but taking regular sips of water whilst I work helps my mind stay on track and actually get some studying done. The more water I drink, the more refreshed I feel, and despite my more regular toilet breaks (possibly TMI but hey that’s life) I feel a lot more productive as a result.

There are numerous studies out there that link water and weight-loss for one simple reason: water helps you to feel more full. After some serious festive binging I need a massive intervention to keep me away from the box of Cadbury’s Heroes sitting in my cupboard so this has been a biggie for me. I find that drinking a glass of water before a meal helps to discourage over-indulgence and in turn has allowed me to consume fewer calories. I mean, I’m still eating mountains of cheesy pasta… just not quite as much!

As I mentioned before one of my more prevalent symptoms of dehydration is a headache, but alongside headaches an increase in water consumption can also help you avoid muscle cramps & painful joints. Not only that, water helps your body bounce back to it’s full potential after a bout of illness such as the cold or flu – and it’s a great hangover cure too.

I am now singing energiser to the tune of Britney Spear’s “Womanizer”… Don’t judge. A glass of water in the morning helps me feel a hell of a lot more awake after after my body spends a long night growing (next joke). One of the most common side effects of dehydration is fatigue, so next time maybe skip the coffee and grab a glass instead?

So now that you know why water is so wonderful, here are a few easy steps to help increase the amount of water you drink on a daily basis:

  • Download an app – I currently use Waterlogged to keep track of how much water I drink in a day, as well as being able to set myself targets. There are loads of apps out there that track your water intake so have a look around!
  • Keep a glass by your bed & at your desk – having water in an easy to reach place means that you’ll be more likely to take a sip or several. I often find myself reaching for my water and drinking away without even noticing whilst I’m sitting at my desk working!
  • Invest in a water bottle – much like keeping a glass nearby it’s handy to have some water on the go too – it’ll also stop you splurging on drinks whilst out and about!
  • Flavour your water – if plain water isn’t your thing (I despise bottled water, tap all the way!) then spice it up a little with some fruit. If I have the time I like to pop a couple of lemon slices in my water bottle, but if not I just add a splash of lemon juice instead.
Are there any tips & tricks you have to drink more water?