READER SURVEY 2014: The Responses

Hello! I hope the first week back to reality after Christmas isn’t too bad for you so far. I for one am enjoying not working after being in pretty much constantly over the festive period. Sadly I do have a little bit of uni work to get finished, but after that’s handed in tomorrow I just have one exam to study for.

First of all, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to respond to my Reader Survey (post here), I’m really grateful for all of the answers and I’ve definitely got some ideas for Colours & Carousels in 2015. I wasn’t originally going to write a follow up post, but there was a few things that I wanted to respond to and as the survey was anonymous I figured the best way to do so was in a blog post!

The best place to start would probably be the first question, where I asked how long you’d been reading my blog for. The majority said 6-12 months, with 1-6 months and over 12 months following behind and less than 1 month coming in last place. I’m so so so grateful for all of my readers, old and new, but it was kind of heart warming to see that people liked what I wrote enough to stick around for a decent length of time! There was a pretty even split across the age range (I was only allowed four categories which was kind of annoying) that really interested me to see and a whopping 84% of the respondents are UK based. Absolutely everyone who responded identified as female.

When I asked what other blogs you enjoy reading on a regular basis there were a few common answers, such as Water Painted Dreams (11 people mentioned Hayley’s awesome blog!), Cider With Rosie, Miss Make Up Magpie and Becky Bedbug to name a few. I also found some great new reads thanks to this little section so THANK YOU!

Moving on to the actual content of my blog the most popular category was definitely lifestyle, then fashion followed by beauty and recipes. This is probably my order of preference too, although I love writing about everything! Within the comment section for this question a few people mentioned that they’d like to hear more about my university experience which is definitely a topic I’ll be covering. There were a few mentions of blogging tips, Tuesday Tens and recipes which will also be appearing lots too! Two people said I should write more about my cat, damn right. I try to keep my crazy cat lady nature to a minimum on here but a post dedicated to my ball of ginger fluff might appear at some point…

I am considering delving in to the world of YouTube “for realz” in 2015 so I asked if that was something you’d like to see and 79% said yes! It’s not for definite yet but I’m tempted. What kind of things would you like to see if I did make the move in to videos alongside my posts?

Finally the overall comment section, which totally filled me with joy. You are all so nice, but here’s a few comments in particular that I wanted to respond to:

“The quality and effort and consistency throughought each post” 

I love you, thank you.

“I spotted that there’s no link to the comments on your posts when browsing through the main page (does that make sense?) I have to click the title to open the post and then croll down. This maybe doesn’t make sense but it’s a small bug I have. It’ also tiny but your ‘pin me’ badge on your photos doesnt fit with the new colour scheme. You also have ‘posted by charlotte’ twice in each of your posts – both at the bottom. It’s a tiny preferemce but on a blog written by one person you really don’t need to be reminder who the author is (and the space could be used for something else – like a link to the comments).”

Thank you so much for letting me know this, I’ve fixed the written by section now as I hadn’t realised before! I’d also been totally lazy and forgot to update my “Pin Me” button which has been done now and I’m in the process of figuring out the comment thing, I think it’s because I use Disqus.

“As I mentioned earlier I enjoy pretty much all your post (I don’t comment as much as I should though – definitely will make more if an effort too) – one of my favourite posts from you as been your blogging tips, I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I still found these very helpful it’s always good to get other peoples perspectives!”

I’m so glad to hear that my blogging tips was actually useful for people who have been blogging for a while, I was a bit worried that they sounded a little preachy and were too basic! Thank you.

So, what started out as a random idea actually ended up working out pretty well for me. Again thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, your answers were very much appreciated. I’m going to leave my survey open for a little while longer just in case any one missed it due to the festivities – you can find it here. I’m feeling so stoked about the next year right now, I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I can’t wait to share!