READING: Mollie Makes – Blogging

Okay. First things first, I have to apologise. I’m so annoyed at myself for what I’m about to do and that is ramble about how much I’ve loved something that is stupidly difficult to get hold of. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t not share this.

A while ago everyone was talking about the special issue of Mollie Makes magazine dedicated to blogging and I was a little bit late to the game, as per usual, meaning that by the time I started my hunt it was sold out everywhere. Fast forward a few months later and I entered a Twitter giveaway on a whim and WON a copy – result! Massive thank you to Georgie for sending me the new addition to my blogging arsenal.

Mollie Makes: Blogging is a handy 180 page guide to the world of blogging, covering everything from what platform to use to monetisation and ways to make your blog stand out. With features from blogging guru’s Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess as well as the founders of Blogtacular blogging conference there’s so many expert tips to adopt and sneak peeks in to their lives as professional bloggers.

I don’t want to give too much away in case you do manage to get your hands on a copy, but one of the stand out features for me were the social media guides which had some fantastic advice for building your networks alongside your blog. I also really enjoyed the in-depth guides to the blogging platforms available and am finally starting to consider a move to WordPress… Consider being the operating word here.

This magazine is one of many new additions to my blogging related reading material as I’ve ordered a few books to read, which I’ll be reviewing here too. With an RRP of £9.99 it’s a pricey magazine, but I would say its too useful to pass up. There’s an absolute wealth of information in the gorgeous glossy pages and I spend hours going over and over the features making lists of things to do for my blog. As I mentioned earlier it’s not too easy to get hold of, however keep an eye on places like eBay and you might just strike it lucky.

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