LIFE: Bedroom Updates

If you asked my mum to describe my room I would think that the words “untidy” and “cluttered” would probably be somewhere in her description. I think I’d agree with her too…

Recently I’d been getting a bit fed up of my room, it was always a mess and there was stuff everywhere. As in the kind of stuff that doesn’t really have a place but I might just need it one day. It’s also become quite obvious to me that I have hoarding tendencies! When I was offered the chance to pick a few things from George Home to rejuvenate a room of my choice I knew it was time to give my bedroom a bit of TLC.

The first port of call was my little dressing table/drawer area which used to hold two rickety chest of drawers which were very close to falling apart. Their instability meant that I was forever losing make-up underneath them and I actually managed to find the foundation I’d been hunting for since November whilst I moved them out! To replace them I chose this chest of drawers which are now stuffed to the brim with the majority of my clothes. For some finishing touches I added a new Ikea lattice pot to my collection as well as a matching candle tray which now holds bits and pieces of my jewellery. Instead of hiding my most reached for skincare & haircare away in a box with the rest of my make up I thought they’d look quite cute in one of these nesting boxes, with the other being used to hold my make up bag underneath my full length mirror and a laundry basket to match. Previously I had a couple of photo frames that more often than not ended up on the floor thanks to my shaky furniture so I decided to upgrade to this adorable frame to show off a couple of my favourite pictures of my boyfriend & I, as well as the cinema ticket from the day he “officially” asked me out. How cute am I? It was Toy Story 3, if you were wondering 😉

My desk area is home to the vast majority of my clutter as I have quite a big windowsill to keep it all on. To match my new drawers I replaced my old, much loved desk with this desk in a lighter wood. It’s quite similar to my old desk in that is has shelves on one side and drawers on the other, which I love because it gives me plenty of space to store all of my useless rubbish, and the lighter finish really helps brighten up my room. In keeping with the lighter theme I replaced another one of my old black photo frames (holding quite an old picture!) with this little white number from Ikea. I love having my desk in front of my window as I get a pretty nice view over the hills. Next on my to do list in my room is to de-clutter my windowsill, as it gets a little bit messy at times!

Finally my new favourite thing – my bed. I’ve been after a new bed for the longest time and had been dreaming of the Ikea Leirvik frame for well over a year. After updating the rest of my room I took the plunge and finally bought myself a double bed – best decision ever. My room is a bit of an awkward shape so choosing this bed did mean that I had to sacrifice quite a bit of floor space which made me a bit dubious at first, but I do not regret it at all. Previously I’d had the same bed for as long as I can remember, which started out as bunk beds before being transformed in to one single bed. I spend a lot of time in bed, and so does my cat, so the more space the better! Now I have a seriously cosy nest, with adorable geometric sheets, a slowly growing collection of cushions (the orange one is from George & pink suede from Ikea), princess-esque fairy lights and a bubblegum pink throw – probably my cat’s favourite thing right now!  For someone who claims not to like pink I sure do have a lot of pink in my room… Regardless, my bed is currently my favourite place to spend my time and I’ve been very well rested as a result. Am I officially a grown up if buying a bed is one of my most exciting purchases this month?

Having my little space updated has made such a difference to my motivation, which is weird but I just love having a clean, tidy room! I have a few things left on my to do list before my room is entirely complete, but that involves cutting down on my book collection which will take a long time. New year, new room!


I was very kindly gifted the items from George, this does not in any way affect my opinions.
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