BEAUTY: Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution EDP

Killer Queen: Royal Revolution by Katy Perry – £22.99 for 30ml

I can now officially say that I own all of Katy Perry’s perfumes (for now) and love each one. I spritzed myself with Royal Revolution back in August, however having just added quite a few perfumes to my collection I decided to leave it on the shelf for a while. After wandering about with it on all day I instantly regretted my decision and have been pining for it ever since, luckily my younger brother gave me the final piece of my collection for Christmas!

I’ve previously reviewed the other fragrances in the Killer Queen collection here, Killer Queen and Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, which are two of my favourite fragrances to wear on a daily basis. Royal Revolution is similar to it’s predecessors by means of packaging however this time the bottle is a beautiful blue shade instead of red or purple.

Also like the previous two this is a predominantly floral scent with hints of freesia and a slight note of pomegranate. At first this perfume is pretty ordinary, but it’s after it’s left to develop that it really shines. I always catch myself sniffing at my wrists after an hour or so as Royal Revolution grows in to this gorgeous scent that’s a slightly musky vanilla whilst also being sweet and fruity. It’s a real all-rounder.

As it’s a celebrity perfume it’s not a bank-breaker which is ideal as I’m definitely going to be using this one a lot. The staying power is pretty impressive, I’d say even more so than the previous two editions, lasting the entirety of an eight hour shift. I’ve even had customers ask me what perfume I’m wearing! According to the world wide web it’s apparently a good dupe for Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, but having never sampled it I couldn’t tell you if that’s true. I’d really recommend spraying this next time you spy it – but definitely leave it for a while to truly develop before making your decision!