BEAUTY: joeSCRUB Coffee Scrub

joeSCRUB’s Coffee Scrub* – available here
I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned my love for a good scrub before, but if not then let’s make it pretty clear. I LOVE SCRUBS. For as long as I can remember I’ve had keratosis pilaris all over my arms and legs but nothing seems to be able to shift it. It’s not painful, it’s just something I’m quite self conscious of because it can get quite red and obvious at times. It’s trivial but I find myself wishing I didn’t have it a fair amount of the time!
Step in joeSCRUB & their fantastic coffee based scrub. This scrub is made from coffee grinds, cacoa, brown sugar & coconut oil (amongst other equally as fabulous ingredients) and provides an experience that is both exfoliating and moisturising at the same time. It’s all natural and totally vegan and also works.
I can’t recall any other scrub I’ve used that is anything like this, as I usually opt for an oilier scrub and use it on dry skin for the highest impact. joeSCRUB’s scrub is a dry scrub (scrub is starting to look strange to me now) and looks kind of like soil… but obviously it’s not full of worms and stuff. Unsurprisingly this smells very strongly of coffee and despite not being a big coffee drinker I keep sniffing the bag – it’s perfect for your morning shower! 
You can use this scrub on both body & face but I just stick to my body as my face can be really sensitive at times. I apply this to damp skin, being sure to fully massage it in, and leave it for ten minutes to let the ingredients work their magic. After using my skin feels so lovely and soft (probably thanks to the Vitamin E!) and noticeably less dry. Whilst my keratosis pilaris doesn’t disappear it certainly does improve and fingers crossed continued use will really help to clear it up for me. I’ve yet to find a scrub that can make such a difference to my skin, so maybe dry scrubs are the way to go for me in future!
P.S. Until January 31st you can get free shipping when buying online (here) using the code “FREESHIPPING” at the checkout. I’m definitely going to be stocking up!