LIFE: Hopes for 2015

It wouldn’t be the new year without a clichéd ramble or two, and at this time of persistent reflection I can’t help but wonder what the next 365 pages of my story will hold. 2014 was probably one of my happiest years in a wee while. A large proportion of 2013 was spent feeling pretty lonely or homesick and 2012 was a bit of a readjustment after spending most of 2011 (and the start of 2012) being in and out of hospital. The beginning of 2014 wasn’t fantastic, I still felt pretty lonely, but as friendships started to develop and my confidence started to grow the year turned in to a rather good one.

2015 will be the year I enter my twenties – I will become a “twentysomething”. It’s exciting, but scary at the same time.

I had a few new experiences in 2014, including moving in to my first “proper” flat and having to deal with the wonderful grown up world of bills. I voted for the first time in a pretty major referendum and learned to drive. Independence seems to be a theme for my 2014 in more ways than one, and that’s something I want to keep growing in 2015.

In 2015 I want to experience new things, new countries, new people, new food and new hobbies. I’m a homebody, I relish the comforts of my parent’s house and not needing to worry about being able to afford putting my radiators on. In 2015 I’d like to worry less about the small things and remember the big picture. I mentioned in my new year’s resolutions that I’d like to be a more positive person and say yes to more opportunities and really broaden my horizons.

I haven’t mentioned it quite so much this year, but I do struggle a bit with university. It’s not the workload as such – although it can be stressful – more a struggle to find my motivation at times. I enjoy my course and I’ll probably go a bit more in to detail about it and university experiences in the future but for now I’m just focused on getting through the second year of my degree and being one year closer to graduating.

After moving away for university, and even just leaving school, I began to realise which friendships really mattered in my life. Towards the end of this year I began to notice a lack of reciprocated effort on some people’s part and so have decided to focus more on those friendships that are worth my time, rather than being sad about those that are not. I have a few incredibly close friends that have been in my life for the long haul and I am so grateful to them for sticking around. Aside from friendships, I’m also overwhelmingly grateful for the support of my family throughout my life and that of my wonderful boyfriend too. In 2015 I want to maintain & nurture these relationships because these are the ones that truly matter.

Overall I hope that 2015 is another happy year for me. It may feel difficult when there’s a bad day, some sad news or a stressful situation but it’s all about the journey. I’m really lucky to have the good in my life but I do also work hard for things too. I get a feeling that 2015 will be my year.