13 Jan 2015

TUESDAY TEN: Flamingo Candles

Blackcurrant Jam - Pomegranate & White Fig - Macaroon & Almond
Parma Violets - Applecurrant Crumble - Pear Drops - Lemon Curd
Black Raspberry & Vanilla - Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey - Strawberries & Champagne
It's no big secret that I love a yummy candle. For Christmas my lovely mum bought me some scent melts from Flamingo Candles and I can't even begin to explain how delicious they are! I've had the Peach Splash tart in my burner for the past two days and my room smells incredible. They're so much stronger than the Yankee tarts I've used previously!

Now that I know just how amazing Flamingo Candles' offerings really are, I've put together a little wish list of the next scents to add to my collection. I love the wax tarts however I hate that I can only really use one at a time until each tart is completely finished so I'm definitely going to be picking up a few candles to use throughout the flat. All of the scents sound absolutely beautiful, especially Black Raspberry & Vanilla. Plus the adorable little jars would look so cute on my desk!

Have you ever tried anything from Flamingo Candles?


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