2014: A Year in Review

The start of the year was pretty exciting, I passed my driving test (third time lucky!) and finished my first semester of university. It was my mum’s birthday so I took her for afternoon tea and enjoyed some time off before heading back up to Aberdeen for my second semester.

February wasn’t a particularly exciting month, I watched a lot of House… Eilidh came down to Glasgow with her boyfriend for a weekend of food & cocktails. I ate a lot of burgers this month, including a visit to Cocktail & Burger for a late Valentine’s Day.

I spent most of March in Aberdeen and had lots of friends come up to visit. I discovered the wonderful Cup in the city centre and visited at least 4 times in March! It was also the Student Societies award ball where my magazine won Student Voice.

In April I went to see McBusted, amazing. I also went to the Coronation Street tour in Manchester, also amazing. The exhibition that I had to put together for university took place in April, which was stressful but fun at the same time.

May was a busy month! I had an exam and a couple of hand ins, then I finished for summer. I interviewed a band for the magazine, got free front row tickets to McBusted and saw Katy Perry three times in the space of 1 week. Obsessed.

In June I went to Brighton & spent a day in London too, I’d love to go back to Brighton! I’m actually going to London in February which is really exciting. I celebrated four amazing years with my boyfriend and also passing first year of university! At the end of the month I also headed to Jersey with my family.

July is usually an exciting month and this year it was no different! I started out the month in Jersey which was an amazing place, I’d love to go back. I then successfully managed to get myself an internship at a Glaswegian PR company as well as starting in my current part time job. I spent a weekend in a castle with my boyfriend’s family, started running and turned 19. Busy month!

In August I worked quite a lot. I also went to see The Killers, watched the Commonwealth badminton finals and bought myself an iPad. I saw one of my favourite authors speak at the Edinburgh Book Festival, which was great. I also did the ice bucket challenge… not so great.

September was big month for Scotland with the Independence Referendum which saw me voting for the first time. I also signed the lease for my first “proper” flat, celebrated 4 years of blogging and went to see Still Game live on stage.

In October I was back up in Aberdeen for the start of second year. I had the best steak of my life at Grill On The Corner in Glasgow, spent a day baking with bloggers and saw one of my favourite bands – Twin Atlantic – live twice. I was also chosen as a co-editor for my university magazine, pretty cool.

I had a week off of university in November which was mostly spent catching up with friends and eating lots of food. We had to put together a photoshoot for our coursework which  meant spending a very cold day on the beach (more about this later!). I went to my first charity ball which was a great night and then spent a weekend in Manchester for my aunt’s surprise birthday party!

December is always a busy month for most people, with all the Christmas celebrations and what not. My boyfriend’s birthday is at the start of the month so we went for dinner and went ice skating to celebrate. I’ve spent the month loaded with a chest infection that will just not budge but it certainly hasn’t stopped me having lots of fun with my friends and family.

So that’s my year! It seems to have gone crazily fast and it’s really weird to think that it’s 2015 tomorrow… I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me.