2 Dec 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Adorable Christmas Wrapping Paper

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6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
Okay, so I can appreciate that wrapping paper isn't the most exciting thing to write a Tuesday Ten about - but with Christmas fast approaching I thought I'd share some of the pretty Pinterest-worthy wrapping paper that I've found on the wonderful internet. I tried to avoid having ten cat wrapping papers or ten penguin wrapping papers but I found loads.

Personally I'm kind of rubbish at wrapping presents but in an attempt to get better I have made a Pinterest board dedicated to all things gift wrap. I think if I had some cute paper to use I'd spend a bit more time wrapping presents and they'd end up looking a lot better. At the moment my favourite is probably the penguins (6) or the sausage dogs in jumpers (10) but I also want to wrap every single person's presents in number 4 and watch their reactions.

Are you a present wrapper extraordinaire? Share your secrets!

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  1. I love present wrapping! I can spend as much time on the paper as the actual present! Blissful


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