3 Dec 2014


One of the things I dislike most about occasions that require small bags is that I struggle to fit everything I feel like I might possibly need, but thankfully I've managed to narrow down my life in to a few essential pieces for party season. Just in time, eh?

First of all, I think having a bag is a good place to start. My current favourite is from New Look* but it's not on the website however this one is similar - it's a great size and the snakeskin pattern makes it a little bit more interesting than your bog standard black clutch! I also love that it has a chain so I can sling it over my shoulder when I'm getting my groove on, it's not a party without some dancing after all.

Thanks to my baby face carrying my ID is pretty much essential no matter where I go and I try to make sure I have at least one other form of identification on me aside from my driving license, this is usually my student card because it's not an absolute disaster if I lose it and it means I can sometimes get deals on food & drink! I don't like to take my bank card out as I don't want to lose it and I don't normally need that much money anyway, so I try to just have cash on me as much as possible. Keys are a bit of a no brainer - I need to get back in to my house after all! Depending on what I'm doing I'll often just take the key that I need instead of taking my whole fob out with me as it's quite bulky. It wouldn't be a night out without a selfie or two so my phone is an absolute must.

Beauty wise I like to keep it pretty minimal and stick to base & lip products. I always have a pressed powder and a blush for top ups which require a brush too. I did have a cute little mini powder brush but it sadly broke so now I have to bring out my daily brush which is kind of annoying! I've grown to love a bit of contouring so a bronzer is essential to keep those cheekbones sculpted. I really like this one from New Look* as it's compact and sturdy enough to throw in my bag whilst still benefiting from easy application and blends well. If I have a few blemishes I'll bring concealer with me and right now I'm in love with Boi-ing from Benefit as it's heavy duty enough to last all night with minimal need for reapplication (full review here). I'll always make sure I have whatever I'm wearing on my lips handy and as I'm loving matte eyeshadows and base products right now I've been opting for a pop of gloss for the first time in ages. My current favourite combination is the Sweet Rose lipstick* and matching lip gloss, the gloss isn't overly sticky and provides a good colour pay off over the slightly sheer lipstick whilst smelling absolutely amazing. Seriously, best smelling lipgloss ever!

Aside from that, I also like to keep a little brush or comb in my bag just in case there should be any back-combing emergencies. I hate having flat hair! I also keep a little perfume sample on hand as they're really useful to pop in your bag and spritz when requited. Just now my favourite is Roses by Chloe, I'm tempted to treat myself to a full sized bottle as it's a really beautiful scent that's both fruity and floral whilst still being sophisticated.

What I leave the house with and what I come back with is often a pretty different story. I don't often lose things but I do have a habit of picking things up - especially hats. It's weird, but I usually end up acquiring at least one hat on a night out! I have santa hats, St Patrick's Day hats, golf visors, sombreros... you name it. I find that I usually wake up with some sort of chocolate in my bag too - just looking out for myself obviously!

Do you still take your whole life with you on a night out or do you try to limit yourself to the bare minimum?


The bag, bronzer, blusher, lipstick & lipgloss were kindly gifted to me by New Look

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