9 Dec 2014


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I live in my pyjamas the majority of the year, but when it comes to winter it's pretty much all I wear. Something about coming in from the cold, dark nights makes me want to put on my pjs and get all cosy the second I walk in the door however my current selection is starting to look a bit worse for wear.

Luckily there are adorable pyjamas everywhere you look in the run up to Christmas so I had no difficulty finding ten pairs to share today - it was a bit of a struggle to narrow it down to just the ten though! Surprisingly I only included two pairs with cats on (3 & 4) which makes a change for me. I really need to get some more socially acceptable pjs as my postman is probably disgusted at the sight of my tattered onesie...

I think my favourites would either be 4 or 5 as they're really cute patterns and look comfortable enough to spend a night on the couch in. I think the shirt & trouser set is a bit more grown up than my usual mix & match attempts too!


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