23 Dec 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Blogs I've Loved in 2014

This week's Tuesday Ten is a little different in that I'm sharing ten of the blogs that I have loved reading this year. I love finding new blogs to read so this kind of post is right up my street - hopefully you'll enjoy it too! As per usual this was a struggle to narrow down to just ten, but here are some of the lovely ladies that have captured my attention over the past year...

Ellie's Favourite Things - absolute babe'in style
Water Painted Dreams - my blogging bestie
Mo'Adore - ethical beauty & life, with amazing and informative posts in between
Ghostparties - my wishlist grows a mile with every post
Maisy Meow -  absolutely gorgeous clothes & Eilidh is so lovely too

Miss Makeup Magpie - my beauty bible
The Lovecats Inc - drool-worthy baking and impeccable style
Fine and Dandy - pure loveliness in a blog
OhHay! - a wealth of creative inspiration
Oh! Leona - hilarious, honest, absolutely lovely person and this post made me cry like a baby

Who's blogs have you loved reading this year?


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