BLOGGING TIPS: Time Management

It feels apt to be writing about this just after I have made a pile of lists in an attempt to plan out my life for the next two weeks… Work, university & the Christmas period makes for a very busy time and I’m determined to keep on top of my blog at the same time too. It’s difficult but I know I can do it if I manage my time appropriately! So, the penultimate blogging tips post is all about time management and how you can help get your head in the game (High School Musical reference fully intended).


One of the most difficult things to do is find the correct balance between work/studying, socialising and blogging. Last year only had to balance my blog with a not-so-bad university timetable, however this year it’s also got to compete with a part time job & a slightly busier timetable. Stressful to say the least. In order to keep everything running relatively smoothly I dedicate certain times that will be exclusively for one part, for example: I have university four days a week and work all weekend, so Wednesday’s are the day that I focus on my blog the most. I do spend a lot of evenings working on my blog too, but Wednesday is the main day. If I have a Sunday off then I’ll use that too and then fit my uni work in as and when is needed. Sit down and figure out where you have a spare hour or so that can be spent doing something useful, more on this later.

My education is my highest priority so if there is uni work that needs to be done my blog is pushed to the sidelines. I’m lucky in that I only really need to focus on my work when I am actually there but obviously I need to turn up so that I get paid, which is a pretty high priority too as I need money to eat. Although my blog is high up on my list of priorities it is not at the top, I can take time away from my blog if I need to. It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t be sacrificing other important things just for the sake of a post on the internet – don’t miss that important lecture so you can take some outfit photos!

A.K.A the best thing ever. I schedule pretty much every single blog post I write and I try to work about a week in advance (it’s usually more like two days in advance) or more if I know I’m going to be busy. When I have the time I will sit and write as many posts as possible in order to provide the time to spend on other activities when need be. Nowadays you can schedule everything from posts to tweets & statuses on Facebook pages so it’s something you should definitely consider making the most of. If you know you’re going to be without access to your computer or phone for a long period of time but still want to post it can be worthwhile sitting down and scheduling a few bits and bobs to maintain a bit of an online presence whilst you’re off doing other things. This comes in particularly handy for holidays, Christmas time and when deadlines are approaching.

If I stopped wasting a minute or two scrolling through my Twitter feed on my phone every so often I would probably get a lot more done. I am a procrastinator and a half, but it’s something I’m trying to work on. Right now, if I can’t spare the time to head to my laptop I’ll reply to e-mails when I’m on the bus or on my breaks at work instead. I draft a lot of my posts using the Google Docs app on my iPad whilst I’m travelling home at the weekends and then put them all together when I get back to my laptop. If I have a lot of photos that need to be taken I take them in bulk when I have a spare moment then edit them when I have the chance so that they’re ready to be inserted in to a post, meaning I don’t need to worry about it being light enough that day to be able to finish a post off. Even when I’m watching TV I’ll be working on something – even if it’s just taking part in a Twitter chat or planning out my next week of posts! I find that utilising a spare minute to get a task done really helps me much more than checking how my farm is doing on Hayday… I’m trying to adopt a “5 minutes or less” rule where if something on my to-do list will take me less than five minutes I do it straight away instead of putting it off for hours, this really helps me get through my tasks for the day. Lists are also awesome but shall be mentioned more next week…

How do you think you manage your time – are you a procrastinator like me or super efficient? If you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

NEXT WEEK: The final topic I’ll be covering in this series is organisation. Think apps, lists and calendars! If there’s anything in particular you’d like covered mention it in the comments and I’ll see what I can whip up

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