BLOGGING TIPS: Organisation

IT’S THE FINAL TOPIC! OoooOoooooOoooooh…

Okay, so, this week I’m going to be chatting all about organisation. Organisation is so important in blogging as there are just so many factors that need to be kept in check, like e-mails, social media and your posts themselves. This is possibly kind of hypocritical of me because I could be considered as one of the least organised people out there BUT I figured that being able to share some things from my perspective would be a bit useful. Although I’m disorganised I’m always striving to sort my life out that little bit more and there are a few things that really help me do so.

I love a list. Or ten. I have so many thoughts jumbled in my head that it really helps me to write them down somewhere so you’ll usually find me with  lots of lists on the go at once! Every morning when I wake up I make a list of everything I need to or would like to get done that day and highlight the most important ones. Being able to tick something off of a to-do list is such a great feeling. As well as my daily to-do list I use the app Wunderlist on my phone, iPad & laptop to make various lists for shopping, post ideas, university deadlines and even my wishlist. I love Wunderlist because it syncs all of my devices effortlessly, making it super easy to add to or check what I’ve noted down.

Much like lists, calendars are a great way to see at a glance what important events are coming up that might have an impact on your usual daily routine. This year I didn’t bother with an actual physical calendar and instead stuck with the calendar on my phone and my diary. I find the iOS calendar app to be particularly useful because it allows for easy colour coding. On my iPad I currently have five different calendars for my personal life, university, work rota, blog events and birthdays which I can view individually or all at once to keep on top of what’s going on. I struggle to rely on my memory alone so having a note of important dates really comes in handy for me.

As well as Wunderlist I have a few other apps that really help me keep my life a bit more organised. Strangely, one of the apps that I’d seriously recommend trying is actually a a sleep tracker (I use the free version of Sleep Time) which uses a gradual alarm system to wake you up at the least obstructive time, leaving you feeling much more rested. When using this I find it so much easier to get out of my bed which usually gives me a few precious extra minutes in the morning to get a few things done.

Alongside these two I’m a big fan of Evernote, a note taking app that syncs across devices. I use Evernote for my university notes and other various bits and pieces as it allows you to create separate “notebooks” to organise each topic. Similarly, I use the Google Docs app when drafting whole blog posts as it’s a really easy on-the-go word processor – again with multi-device synchronisation! There are hundreds and thousands of apps for organisation & productivity available so I think it’s a case of figuring out what you need it to provide and giving a few different ones a testing to see which best suits you.

In last week’s post I mentioned the “5 minutes or less” rule which I try to stick to. Basically, if there is something on my to-do list that will take me under five minutes I do it straight away so that it’s over and done with. Adopting this method means that I get the more menial tasks out of the way leaving less distractions when it comes to the bigger tasks I’ve set myself.

So there we have it, my few little tips to help keep on top of things. It’s difficult – I’ll be the first to admit that – but it’s something that’s worth putting some effort in to! Like I mentioned at the beginning this is the final topic I’m going to cover in this mini series but next week I’ll be putting together a massive master-post containing links to all of the posts I’ve written alongside some other useful resources I’ve found!

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