A large portion of my time is spent using Netflix, in all honesty it’s probably a lot more than I’d like to admit. Even if I’m working on coursework, I have the next episode of Gossip Girl on my iPad next to me… that’s what I call multi-tasking. As an addict, I thought I could provide some insight in to what your fellow Netflix lover might find useful come Christmas time.

‘I Do Marathons’ T-shirt – £9.80 from Etsy
To start out with, this t-shirt is just hilarious. At the moment the most exercise I get is probably getting up to find the charger for my iPad or laptop just so I can indeed watch even more Netflix so it’s very appropriate. When it comes to binge-watching a series or two in under a week you’ve pretty much earned bragging rights and this t-shirt is the best way to make use of said rights.

‘Home Is Where The Netflix Is’ print – £1.96 from Etsy
Not only is this print plain adorable but it also makes a very valid point. Although now that most places have WiFi it could be argued that Netflix is everywhere, but the real Netflix experience is at home.

Google Chromecast – £30.89 from Amazon
This is a bit gadget-y in comparison to my usual gift guide selections but I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while (until we ended up getting a smart TV) and thought it would make a great inclusion. The Chromecast turns your TV in to a smart TV without breaking the bank, therefore allowing you to spend your money on important things like snacks. I’m tempted to get one of these for the TV in my flat so I can watch Netflix on a slightly bigger screen. I really think this is the perfect gift for anyone who likes their TV, not just Netflix lovers.

‘Netflixing’ pillow – £12.16 from Look Human
My ‘Netflixing’ nest consists of a pile of pillows and my duvet, with a cup of tea and possibly some ice cream. Every pillow helps when it comes to finding the appropriate level of comfort required for binge-watching your series of choice and as a bonus this one is pretty funny too.

Tablet stand – £2.62 from Amazon
This was just a little extra that I thought might go down well as a stocking filler seeing as it’s less than £3. For my iPad I have a flip case that doubles as a stand and it comes in ever so useful when finding the ideal viewing angle. I’m considering changing my case to something a bit prettier so this would be the perfect replacement! No more awkward wrist angles when trying to hold up your tablet to watch in bed – result.