10 Dec 2014

LIFE: Mid-week treats & festive decorating

At this time of year the dark nights and miserable weather are enough to make anyone crave a treat or two. I always find myself getting quite homesick as Christmas draws nearer, I tend to miss my home comforts and getting cosy in the living room with my family to watch Christmas movies. Earlier this week I was having a bit of a rubbish day with more issues arising in my flat (last week's flooded bathroom is the least of my problems right now) and our internet provider trying to put our bill up without telling us, so I definitely needed a little treat and a night in to relax a bit.

Alongside a bit of retail therapy I rate comfort food very highly when I'm feeling a bit down, so when the chance came to get takeaway from JUST EAT* I jumped on my laptop and ordered myself and my flatmate Eilidh a pile of Chinese food to chow down on. As Christmas is just around the corner we decided to make a night of it so I cosied up in my onesie, popped on the Christmas tunes and we decorated our flat to make it look a bit more festive. Duck rolls & Michael Buble are the perfect pairing for a rainy Aberdeen night!

Decor wise, our tree was a last minute panic purchase from Argos as every other tree we had planned on buying was out of stock. It's 6ft, so a bit bigger than we wanted but it's made such a difference to how our living room feels! The baubles are also from Argos, we did have some pretty rose gold ones from Asda but they were tiny and barely covered a 3ft tree let alone a 6ft one! The tinsel is from Asda and our topper is from Poundland of all places. The adorable paper chains are also from Poundland and were adorning our door frames until our unfriendly ghost Betsy (long story) decided to be a grinch and they all fell down in the night. Eilidh also got some wrapping paper with brussel sprouts on from Paperchase - so cute. My presents are all waiting at home to be wrapped so it's just hers that are living under the tree just now.

How do you cheer yourself up at this time of year - do you go for comfort food too? It's such a bad habit but I just can't resist...

I was kindly given a £20 voucher to spend on JUST EAT in collaboration with JUST EAT & etailPR

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