TUESDAY TEN: The Library Of Fragrance


The Library Of Fragrance has been hovering around on my radar for a little while now, but recently I’ve become kind of obsessed with their incredible selection of scents. Not only do they have Paperback, Rain and Apple Pie but they also have Pizza, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Marshmallow. How amazing would it be to smell like pizza? It would probably make me soooooo hungry but just imagining the reactions to a pizza perfume makes me want to order a bottle right this second.

With their vast range of perfumes I’m struggling to decide which one I’ll be treating myself to after Christmas, but at the moment I’m leaning to some of the more sweet, food based treats like Marshmallow or Sticky Toffee Pudding. There are so many amazing choices on the website which you should definitely check out – I want them all!

What would your dream perfume be? Strangely I really like the smell of candles just after they’ve been put out… not sure how well that would work as a wearable scent though!