LIFE: Glasgow On Ice

One of my favourite things about Christmas in Glasgow has to be the ice skating in George Square, so when Joe Blogs offered the chance to go and experience it all as part of their #SHhealthyhabits campaign with Simplyhealth I jumped at the chance! Not literally, I’m not that skilled on skates sadly. Although I am so very proud to be able to say that I didn’t fall over at all, even with a few near misses.

Between parties, advent calendars and Christmas Day itself I am very guilty of being a bit too indulgent during the festive period, so it was really fun to do something that not only felt incredibly Christmas-y but also burned a good few calories too! It makes me feel a little less guilty about what I’ll be consuming over the next few weeks which I am totally counting as training for the big day. You wouldn’t run a marathon without practising a bit first, right? Another one of my favourite “healthy but fun” activities is hands down playing Just Dance on the Wii which is a predominant activity in my house all year round, but especially during the festive season. If people are over, I’m getting my groove on. If neither of those tickle your fancy, why not check out some more ways to get fit over the holidays here?

Due to a variety of reasons I hadn’t managed to make it to the ice skating in George Square for about 3 years now so it was a real treat to experience it all again. Despite the horrific rain it was still loads of fun and everyone seemed to be having a great time (maybe not so much the people who fell in the puddles though). It was my boyfriends birthday too so it made a great wee change from our usual of just going out for dinner – although we did do that afterwards…

The whole atmosphere in George Square is amazing at Christmas, there’s lots of yummy treats, rides and activities for pretty much any age range. It seems to keep getting better and better every year! It says a lot that even with our typical horrific weather the square was still absolutely bouncing with people enjoying themselves. I’m really hoping that somewhere in between my stupidly busy work rota I’ll manage to go back for another go on the rink this year, just to practice for my Dancing On Ice debut obvs.

P.S If you’re not already signed up to Joe Blogs Network – WHY NOT?! They are genuinely one of the best networks I’ve been able to be a part of. It’s run by a group of fabulous people who have been so generous to me in the past, which I am incredibly grateful for. x