BEAUTY: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Shade 07 Nude-ist

Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist – £8.99 by Bourjois

I’ve been meaning to rave about this liquid lipstick for months, yet for some reason I’m only just getting round to it now. I bought this back in August on one of my many therapeutic trips to Boots without really knowing all that much about it. I figured I’d get the most wear out of the shade Nude-ist and I’d say that was the right decision to make.

The Rouge Edition Velvets claim to have a soft velvet texture with a matte finish & long-lasting hold – which on the whole I find to be pretty true. I absolutely love the texture of this lipstick, it’s difficult to describe but I’d say it’s akin to super soft, thin paper and I can’t get enough of it. It is a bit of a weird one to get used to so I would definitely try before you buy! Application is simple using the doe-foot wand included and the colour pay-off is pretty incredible. I do find the shade applies slightly bolder than it appears in the tube however this could easily be remedied with a lighter hand when applying. As can be expected with a matte product I find this pretty drying on my lips, it really clings to dry patches and lines that before seemed undetectable and definitely requires a bit of prep before wearing. With a balm on top it’s not too bad, but I’m not sure if I could manage wearing it for more than a few hours at a time. My biggest issue with this lipstick is that the staying power really isn’t all that great and I find it fades fairly quickly and unevenly if you don’t use a lip liner underneath. I think this is such an issue for me as whenever I wear this I can’t stop rubbing my lips together because the texture is just sooooooo so so nice. Bad habit. Most of the reviews I’ve read have claimed great staying power so I’ll just have to work on that.

The packaging is compact and sturdy, which makes it ideal for throwing in to your handbag for top-ups throughout the day. The tube is made of a clear plastic which shows off just how much product is left (I love it when they do that) and the doe-foot sponge applicator sits tight within the lid for minimum fuss.

On the whole I still love this lipstick, it just requires a little bit of extra work from me when it comes to wearing it. The shade is just beautiful and I love the formulation, so I think I might pick up another couple from the range!