BLOGGING TIPS: The Conclusion

So here we are, the last Sunday of 2014 and the final post in the Blogging Tips series for now. Some might say I timed this particularly well, but in all honesty I missed so many weeks at the beginning that it’s actually pure coincidence how this has worked out! I’m not really introducing anything new in this post, it’s more of a recap of what’s gone down throughout the series and links to all of the topics I’ve covered.

I started out under the vague heading of Content, covering everything that goes in to a blog from layouts to bloggers block and the best way to interact with PRs. Under this heading I covered 6 topics which were:

  • Dealing With Bloggers Blockinspiration sources, ways to stay motivated and why you should NEVER copy someone’s hard work
  • Blogging On A Budgetshop your stash, sharing your knowledge and other cheap (or free!) ideas for posts
  • Basics of Blog Photographya few little tips & tricks, including lighting, composition and technology that comes in handy for blog photography
  • Photo Editing for Bloggersa little run down of how I edit, some handy free applications and some more tips & tricks to bear in mind when editing photos
  • Layout 101 – The bare bones of HTML vs CSS, things to avoid in a layout, handy widgets to include and where to go if you want some help
  • Working With PRschatting etiquette, attitude, disclosure and when to say no
The second heading covered the blogging Community, which I think is one of the most important aspects of blogging. For this, I wrote about 4 key topics that were:
  • Twitter – how to utilise this for your blog and why Twitter chats are awesome
  • Facebook & Pinterestdiscussing if Facebook pages are really all that important, some great resources on Facebook and how to make the most of the ultimate procastination tool – Pinterest
  • InstagramTips & tricks for Instagram photos, apps for editing, the wonders of the hashtag and some great accounts to follow
  • The Importance of Communitya little ramble about why it’s so important to dive head first in to the blogging community, and some ways in which you can do this
Finally, for alliterative purposes I decided to dub my final heading Consistency, but really it’s all about keeping your shit together. Not quite so poetic, eh? Anyway, this heading only consisted of two posts which were:
  • Time Managementgetting the right work/life balance, prioritising your time, blogging on the go and why scheduling is the BEST
  • Organisationa few tips & tricks from one of the most unorganised people you will ever meet (hint: moi!) including the wonder of the to do list.
I’ve really really really enjoyed writing this series, and seeing the reaction to it has made it all very worthwhile too. It took a lot of time and sometimes I was ready to tear my hair out but it’s something I’m very proud of! A lot of the respondents for my Reader Survey (please fill it in if you have a chance!) mentioned these posts and that they would like to see more which is something I might consider in the future, so if you have any topic ideas then fire away! Like I said right in the very beginning, I’m no expert when it comes to blogging, but with a good few years experience under my belt I thought it would be a bit useful to share a few of my experiences and routines just in case they helped anyone out.
Thank you SO much for reading! If you’re on Pinterest, you can find a handy little collection of all of these posts on this board here.

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