BEAUTY: Microdermabrasion at YUU Beauty Glasgow

On Wednesday afternoon I headed in to the city centre for my first ever facial at YUU Beauty‘s Glasgow salon. Despite having been in plenty of salons, usually for manicures or blogger events, I have never had any sort of skincare treatment and was understandably a bit nervous about what lay ahead of me.

When arriving at the salon I headed down the stairs in to the bright and welcoming reception area and was greeted by the lovely salon manager Leanne who would be performing my treatment. I then filled in a few forms regarding medical history, allergies etc and had a seat in the waiting area. The salon itself was really bright and clean, something that I definitely look for in a beauty salon. They offer a variety of treatments from gel nails, laser hair removal, massages and more. I for one am pretty tempted by HD Brows, I’ve fancied them for a while and would definitely trust Leanne to do them for me!

After a very short wait I was shown in to the treatment room and had a wee chat with Leanne about my typical skincare routine, what products I use and my main skin concerns. Leanne was clearly really knowledgeable about the products & treatments on offer in the salon so knew exactly what course of action would be best to treat my concerns. With the changing weather my skin has been really dry, so Leanne suggested that we try a microdermabrasion facial with a moisturising mask afterwards.

I climbed in to the amazingly heated bed (seriously, I never wanted to leave) and had my make up removed, something I wish that someone else would do for me every single day… The first part of the treatment involved cleansing the skin and allowing it to dry before exfoliating with a small wand that has a grainy surface to remove the build up of dead skin cells. This was a bit of a weird experience as it felt like a small vacuum was running over my face, but it was strangely relaxing.

After this Leanne applied the mask to cool and restore moisture to my skin. This is where I really struggled to stay awake! Whilst the mask worked it’s magic Leanne massaged my neck and shoulders, which I really needed. Seriously relaxing. A while later the mask was peeled off (it was so weird seeing the imprint of my face, it looked like something out of a horror movie) and Leanne applied a gorgeous smelling serum & moisturiser by Juliette Armand to finish off. I’d never heard of Juliette Armand before but after my experience with the brand in YUU Beauty I’ll definitely be looking in to purchasing some of my own. My skin is feeling pretty amazing right now, my dry patches have vanished and it just feels so plump and hydrated. I was told to expect a possible breakout after the facial as it draws impurities out of the skin however so far I’ve been pretty lucky and managed to avoid any blemishes.

Finally, Leanne was sure to explain all of the details regarding after care which was incredibly helpful for a salon newbie like myself. Before I left I was given a prescription sheet of the recommended skincare as well as the products that had been used during the treatment. I can’t express enough how helpful she was and the way that she explained everything was really reassuring. I never understood before how relaxing a facial really could be, but it was a fantastic experience and I could definitely see it becoming a habit. My experience at YUU Beauty left me very, very, very pleased and I would seriously recommend the salon to anyone in Glasgow – or you could always visit one of their Edinburgh salons too. I’m already trying to decide what I’ll be heading back for next time!